The Boys Of Silence Are BioShock Infinite's Most Terrifying Heavy Hitters Yet

In a normal situation, hanging out with the boys in the band is a welcome occasion. BioShock Infinite does not present a normal situation, and the Boys of Silence are not your average band geeks.

We've seen robot George Washington; we've seen Big Hands and sworn he was the one. Now the Boys of Silence take centre stage in BioShock Infinite's Heavy Hitters video series, and they've won my fear without singing a single note.

Why? Ken Levine hits the nail on the bell-shaped head: obscuring a face is scary. The Boys of Silence bring to mind the Big Daddies of the original BioShock, or the gas-masked children of Doctor Who's "The Empty Child". I am at once delighted to meet them and anxious to avoid them.

The lights will definitely be staying on in my house come October 16.


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