The Original Plan For BioShock Infinite's Boys Of Silence Sounded Awesome

The Boys of Silence are BioShock Infinite bad guys. The original plan was for them to make you pay for all your noise.

The Boys were going to wait to attack the player, BioShock Infinite's art director Nate Wells explained today during a panel about the game's bad guys at the PAX East convention. They were going to wait for you to make too much noise. The bullets you fire? They'd hear them and sort of collect their sound. The steps you take? They might collect those too. Eventually they'd have enough and attack. These enemies would compel you to choose quieter weapons, the game's creative director, Ken Levine, added.

Unfortunately, the Boys won't do that. Well, maybe it's fortunate, because the Irrational guys said the concept didn't work. Players wouldn't understand what was happening. They'd not see a Boy of Silence who was collecting their sound and wouldn't understand why one was suddenly attacking them.

The Irrational team tried to compensate by having ambient noises drop from the game's environment as a Boy of Silence collected sound. That wasn't the right fix. So the function of the Boys of Silence has changed. We'll find out their new set of rules when BioShock Infinite is released this October.


    All it would take is a very brief explanation from an NPC for the player to understand how they worked. It was a pretty terrible idea though.

      exactly! how could they not have thought of that!

    That's what manuals are for. To tell you things like that. Failing that, an in-game tutorial section. I hate it when developers assume players are too stupid to understand something and dumb it down.
    This was an awesome concept and I hope they managed to change the Boys Of Silence to something equally as amazing.

      While I certainly agree with you, I imagine this was the sort of thing that was tested extensively prior to the change in function. The problem with developing something with the express desire to be accessible by everyone is that you have to imagine that some of those people are going to be idiots. Hence why, as video games became more mainstream, we started to see longer and more in-depth in-game tutorials.

      That being said, it certainly was an interesting and unique idea, and I would've loved to see it in action.

        Hey! I haven't seen you around for a while (maybe I just haven't been looking at the right articles). How have you been? :)

          Hey! I have been floating around, posting on the occasional article, but I've mostly been AWOL, dealing with not-so-fun life stuff. I have missed the Kotaku/TUS community though, and I'm definitely keen to get back into the swing of things. Thank you for inquiring, dear. :-)

        I think devs should stop trying to make every game accssible to everyone. That idea in it self is dumb, becose there is no way everyone will like the game.

        Devs should be working to make a serten experince with the games, and leave it to be interpreted by the audionce.

        Each game should be palyed based on its own merits, rather than based on how much money was spent on it, or how good the tech in it is.

    Or maybe, if a Boy of Silence was around and collecting the sounds, just have the sound effects of walking and shooting or whatever just cut off halfway through and turn into a glowing trail that led to the direction of the BOS.

    Pretty glad that it didn't work. This would just be annoying.

    Oh no, an enemy attacked the player and they didn't know why. We can't have that, they might hurt their little heads trying to figure it out themselves.

    couldnt just have a bar that built up whenever one could hear you.

    Cute idea, but I don't understand where the concept comes from.

    Irrational detail the boys of silence a little bit more here:

    The Boys of Silence should play back a endless echoing loop of the sounds you made (slightly distorted), when there a too many noises they should also play an impending danger sound like a huge kettle boiling.

    the witch from l4d/2 disagrees with you. as soon as you hear that crying and the plucky string section kick in you know its time to turn your flashlight off and be quiet

      At the end of 2008, perhaps. However now it's "SHOTGUN HEADSHOT!" for the Witch these days.

    the witch from l4d/2 disagrees with you. as soon as you hear that crying and the plucky string section kick in you know its time to turn your flashlight off and shush

    Huh, did someone not tell the writer of this article that Biosock Infinate has been delayed until 2013?

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