Take A Look At BioShock Infinite’s First Combat-Focused DLC

It’s been four months since I played BioShock Infinite so, yes, I forgot how to play it. But, the game’s new Clash in the Clouds DLC brought all the chaos of the FPS combat rushing back to me. Everything you loved or hated about the game’s combat gets amplified here.

I got the chance to play Clash in the Clouds yesterday when Irrrational Games revealed their three-part DLC plan in Boston. The video above shows you what the wave-based encounters look like and shows the wrinkles being added to create different incentives for how you fight. Clash in the Clouds is scheduled to hit Steam today, with console versions reportedly coming later this week.


  • I find it odd they’re making combat-focused DLC when the combat in the main game largely got a “meh” response all around.

  • I’m really not sold on this DLC, the rapture story looks amazing and I can’t wait to play that but the combat in infinite was to me, crap, so basing an entire piece of DLC around it is just not worth it, who knows, I might try it for shits and giggles.

    • Yeah the rature DLC looks like where they’re going to go for gold.

      I view the combat as a trainer. Just practise for when the more meaningful DLC drops. Haven’t played it yet but it download 5gb yesterday. 5GB!

  • What a cop out. I feel a bit duped into buying the season pass now. They’ve waited way too long to release something. Personally, it’ll take something excellent for me to go back to it; hopefully this Rapture experience you speak of above. 🙂 I loved my adventures in Rapture so much more….ah good memories.

  • I know this guy is talking while playing, but I always find it funny to watch people play FPS’s on consoles. I mean, really – moving your avatar laterally to line up your gun sights! WOW!

    Anyway, that being said, it looks like a fun little mod, but like most of the people here I’m looking forward to the 2 part Rapture “re-imagination” of the main game. Personally I think it would be REALLY cool if they do at least one more alternate take on Booker and Elizabeth after this, something maybe we haven’t seen before!

    I guess that’s the great part of the “infinite” storyline, you can create different parallel experiences inside the same game world. I hope they really run with this concept.

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