This Gametraders Sale Might Just Break You

Click on this at your own peril. Gametraders is having a pretty beefy sale at the minute. If you want to stock up on games you'll most likely never play, or you want to build a jenga tower from your pile of shame, this is the place to be!

Here are some of the highlights...

— Deus Ex Human Revolution LE $19.95 (PS3/360) — Super Mario 3D Land $39.95 (3DS) — The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim $49.95 (360/PS3) — Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary $29.95 (360) — Shadows of the Damned $19.95 (360/PS3) — Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword $49.95 (Wii) — Gears of War 3 $29.95 (360) — Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception $39.95 (PS3)

The direct link is here. Don't say I didn't warn you.


    Shadows of the Damned and Deus Ex Human Revolution are (for example) also in the current JB Hi Fi 2 for $40 sale.

    So is Just Cause 2, so buying two copies of Just Cause 2 is an option.

      Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is also part of JB's two for $40. I recommend anyone who hasn't got it to pick it up with Deus Ex: Human Revolution! Amazing games.

        Enslaved was a amazing! Really took me by surprise, but I felt the story, after being constructed so well just kinda fizzled at the end.

          Call me crazy, but I actually liked the ending. It was open-ended, but in a really complete way, like the Matrix.

        Cept Enslaved has a lazy ending :p

        And the texture pop in! My god the texture pop in...

          If the ending was so bad, why don't we try and get it changed?

    I can't help but think Ozgameshop is like making that leap to mechanical keyboards, or surround sound, or High Definition, or DDs. Everything else just fails to impress in comparison. I shall however see if anything I want is evenly priced with the former, as I've always loved Gametraders and am still devestated the Chadstone store closed.

      Really? :(

      I always hear good things about Gametraders but I never go there. The 'closest' store to me was the Chadstone one, but it seems it's not there anymore :P

      You mean your not impressed with their (OzGS') game prices? I've always thought they were pretty good. And delivery is pretty quick, considering it's free.

      These prices are pretty decent. Will have to check them out.

        I think Sam was saying that Ozgameshop is cheaper, and with their prices in mind, sales like Game Traders' just don't seem impressive.

        I think I mean the opposite of that ;)
        As the Aus brick and mortar stores pale in comparison TO OzGS. I've been primarily buying from them for more than a year now.

    Grab that pillow and clench your teeth Billy, I'm coming in dry.

    Last time I checked, there is just one GameTraders left in WA. :(

    12 working days delivery from ozgameshop is a killer sometimes though

    Screw "the sale that might just break you", we broke the damn server!

    Is Halo worth picking up? Enjoyed Reach and (to a lesser extent) ODST.

      I think it is. For me, it's a huge nostalgia trip replaying a game I first played 10 years ago. If you didn't play it then, it's worth it to see where it started. The port was done really well and the new graphics look good. You also get a bunch of classic maps for your Reach multiplayer and they're excellent.

    The one in Castle Hill closed down and I haven't been stuffed to buy retro games ever since.

    I had to take my cat to the vet so no cheap vidya gams for me. MY GAMS

    Might never play Skyrim or MW3? Me either, that's why I bought Donkey Kong Country and Skyward Sword :)

    Pretty tempting to go in and pick up Deus Ex, I'd much rather give money to an Australian retailer if the price is right.

    Infected Mode alone might make me crack and get MW3 for 50 bucks.. thats the cheapest ive seen it by a mile!

    I literally have or have had every game on sale gosh darn it.

    This is nothing to what steam sales do, by the end not only will your wallet feel lite, you will have a whole heap of grey labeled games clogging up your steam library.

    Don't tell me this! I already have enough things on Layby with them >_<

    Is this the whole sale? Couldn't see anything more than those 8 titles following the link. I already own 7 of them and don't have a 3DS.

    Nah, the full sale is here:

    Shadows Of The Damned for a Yuppie Food Voucher seems like a pretty good deal.

    Last Story, probably my last Wii purchase ever and Shadows of the Damned. Have everything else there except F1 and Pokemon Rumble which I don't care for. So much pile of shame, but I love it. Makes me feel... dirty...

    Shadow of the damned and UC3. Ordering and processing was pretty straight forward. Hope my items arrive by the end of the week.

      I know this topic is a little old, but I thought I would just add that the games arrived 2 days later with no hassles or dramas. I'll certainly keep an eye on these guys for bargains in the future.

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