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Last week was a bit rubbish. This week? Slightly less rubbish, but still a bit rubbish. My favourite word of the day? Rubbish.

Kid Icarus Uprising (3DS) What is it? Probably the biggest and most important release of this week. Come with that funky 3DS stand everyone's been talking/bitching about. Should you care? Reaction has been strange — I played it a while back, before it had left handed controls and had an absolute nightmare with it. Some people seem to love this game, and others hate it.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations (360/PS3) What is it? SASUKE! NAN-DATTE BAYO! Man, I love Naruto. Love that little guy. This is another entry into the mostly solid Ultimate Ninja Storm series. Should you care? I had a quick crack at this over the weekend — takes a very different structure from previous games, and feels a little bit cheap to be honest. Not as good as previous entries.

PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond (Wii) What is it? Exactly what I thought when this landed on my desk. What... is this? Should you care? I don't think so.

Nickelodeon Dance (Wii) What is it? Kids dance game. Should you care? Yeah, probably not. I won't judge you if you do.


    Poke Park 2: Wonders Beyond sound KINDA like a porn title.

    Once big week of "no thanks" for me, either way :)

    I heard they simplified the entire singleplayer with instead of that tiny world you instead get recaps of the story than fight and the process continues on all the way to the end, alot of reviews says that the combat is better but it feels cheap.

    Still unsure if I should get it, after all Witcher enhanced is just around the corner.

      I'm also talking about the Naruto release -.- stupid to not mention lol

      Got the Dark Edition of Witcher 2 on pre-order, myself.

      CAN - NOT - WAIT! :D

        Hey Choops, JB Hifi has Version 2 going for $24 if you don't want to wait around.

    Tiger Woods 13 is also out this week... Go Golf Go!

    I prefer the word "guttertrash".
    At least most of our wallets have been given a decent reprieve after the onslaught of titles near the end of last year.

    Should DLC get a mention? Gears of War 3 is releasing new content and may be the first 360 game to have its achievement score exceed 1,750!

    How about instead of telling us that you don't know about something like PokePark, you look it up and investigate? Isn't that what games journalists do?

      Kotaku also has fun.

      And not fun. the band, but fun, the process of joking around for the enjoyment of others. Take things a little more lightly dude, it makes the world a better place.

      I feel he reported on the titles release consistent with its newsworthiness.

    Brand new vita. No new games. Come on Sony!

    No interest in kid icarus, the controls are killing it for me.

    Im more excited about the Wonderboy Collection and the Alex Kidd collection on xbla/psn. Not to mention Jet Set Radio and Shenmue HD!

    You missed a couple more rubbish games

    Victorious: Hollywood Arts Debut - 3ds

    Ridge Racer Unbounded - PS3 / Xbox 360

    Jane's advance strike fighters - Xbox360/PS3/PC

    Just Dance Best Of - Wii -Might already be out?

      Have you seen the trailers for RR Unbounded?! It looks brilliant!! It looks like this gen's San Fransisco Rush or 'real' Burnout title!

        I have and for me, it looks like a really terrible Need For Speed...

        @ DistantDrop - Jane's Advance Strike Fighters is already out, saw it over the weekend.

          Well the no-name releases normally get put on the shelf as soon as they arrive apparently they're not cool enough to stick to release date, can't blame me for not knowing :)

            True, but if it was a game you were hanging for, but still didn't know it was silently released, then knowing that it's out you would be able to pick it up earlier than you expected! Bonus!

      Jane's Advance Strike Fighters is already out, saw it over the weekend.

    Any chance of a list of upcoming big name games for vita, ps3 and 3ds?

    Would Kid Icarus be okay with the circle pad, for holding I mean? I know it's not compatible, but still. Also, I have played and enjoyed FPS before, isn't this the same sort of thing?

    A request - could this article be bumped on Thursdays, please? Often I find myself trawling the site for this entry every week in amongst a sea of pepsi max overindulgence and cutsey animals. Not that there's anything bad about that!

    Am I wrong in saying that Tiger Woods 13 is out as well?

      "Also, I have played and enjoyed FPS before, isn’t this the same sort of thing?"

      ..on the DS, I mean I have played FPS before......

    We are into the 'lul' before the next batch of decent/expected games, not till end of April/start of May

    More time for me to play Tales of Graces without something shiny distracting me away from it.

    According to the developers Facebook page, Wrecked: Revenge Revisited will be relaxed on PSN and XBLA this week. It's a remake of Mashed, almost my favourite game from the last generation of consoles. Definitely the best multiplayer game from the PS2! Polar Wharf, here I come!


    Cleaning up my backlog instead. Adding Tales of Graces & SSX does not help.

    I am physically unable to pay $59 for a handheld game so Kid Icarus will have to wait...

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