This GAME Xbox 360 Deal Is Pretty Cheap

You're reading Kotaku, so chances are you already own a 360, but how about one for your kitchen? How about one for your bathroom? Man, how good would that be. Anyway, this deal at GAME which kicks off this Friday at game, is rather swish. A 250GB Xbox 360, with Halo 3, Fable 3 and Mass Effect 3 — for $349.

Hard to argue with that to be honest. I'm on Xbox number five right now, so I'm considering buying one just to be on the safe side.

Just remember, it kicks off this Friday. Tomorrow.


    you mean GAME?

    Wow. On your fifth? Why do you keep buying them when they're constantly dying on you?
    Still, an impressive deal and a trio of threes, very nice.

      This part.

      I can understand upgrading to a new model, or giving it a second chance, but five?

      If due to tech fails, I wonder how many other people in similar situations are actually artificially inflating the total number of sales - for me, I'd count re-buy due to failure another sale, sure, but it's not an increase in the install base.

      It's pretty easy for them to add up. I'm on my 3rd. The first one stopped reading discs after a week and was returned and swapped over, the 2nd one RRoD'd a couple of years later and had the guts swapped out by Meekrosoft, so now I am technically on number 3.

      If that one evenutally dies it will be out of warranty, but I'm invested enough with games and Live that I would probably just buy a new one.

        This will be his second Xbox that he has purchased, the rest have been replaced either because of warranty or insurance

      It's part of the job, I would guess. It would be mighty hard to be a games writer if you didn't have the equipment!

        I am on my 3rd. My ex stole my first. My 2nd was an arcade I gave to my dad when I came across a cheap elite which is still running. I hope the first died but the other 2 are sweet

          That bitch.

    Where? Australia-wide?

    Also, just the system or does it have the Kinect as well?

    But... who would go for this specific selection of games? There's been two more FPS Halo games since 3, Fable 3 is (arguably) the worst fable game, and ME3 would be less than half as enjoyable without the backstory of ME1 and ME2, which you wouldn't have if you're just buying an xbox....

    I see what they did there. It's a three-sixty with three games which are all three-quels and only three hundred dollars. How three-lling.

    Which ever way you look at it, thats a great deal...

    It should be $333. It would lose them $16 per sale but its such a pretty number! The advertisement pretty much writes itself.

      Or charge $360 and include Mass Effect 3, Tekken 6 and... uh... Resident Evil 0??

      Threeception: "go cheaper"


    I think you will find its Halo Reach, not Halo 3.

    But it comes with Mass Effect 3, and that downer of an ending will ruin your opinion of your brand new console...

      Is nowhere safe from discussion of the ME3 ending?????

      *hides in cardboard box*


      Dat ending......

    "You’re reading Kotaku, so chances are you already own a 360" --> is there some sort of link? Have you been brainwashing us all this time, subliminally? :P

    It's strange that you'd buy things that fail multiple times, if my car failed once I wouldn't buy the same model again. But then again I suppose that's a much more intensive purchase than an Xbox.

      Failure rate isn't the only factor to consider. Fun, value for money, prospect of life without it, all needs to be considered. In the end, Micro$oft probably know that they're on a good thing with the 360: if the game line-up is strong, and gamerscore gets folks addicted, it doesn't really matter how poorly made the machine itself is (in fact, the worse it is, the better!).

      From the consumer's perspective, if each one gives money's worth (i.e. takes considerable punishment/overuse), then why not buy again? If you can get them cheap, so much the mor elikely to re-purchase.

      I buy my shoes for $12 from KMart. They last six months at the outside. I consider it a decent deal.

      Also, I think Mark needs to own one as a games journalist. Like weathermen need big flowers in their buttonholes: it's just part of the uniform! :)

    I'm on my 2nd 360 - but given my original model was a launch unit I'm not surprised one bit... My Jasper unit has proved very reliable so far, and much quieter than my old one.

    The deals ALREADY active and it is indeed halo reach, not halo 3 =)

    Im up to my 5th 360 as well.
    My launch date PS3 dies literally last weekend, I just bought a new PS3 too.

    I would say this is a great deal, if it wasn't for the fact that
    1: I don't like Halo, i haven't liked Halo since number 1. (i used to wag school to play Halo 1, i loved it that much)
    2: Fable 3 is the worst Fable. (unfortunate, another great series thats slipping)
    3: ME3, Im yet to play this, and this would be the main selling point for me. However, from what my friends have told me, its probably the weaker of the three games. (im yet to decide for myself)

      I guess I should count myself lucky that I still have the same 360 from 2007 (Though it did RRoD sometime in 2009, so I'm not sure how much of the guts were replaced within the warranty).

      If you aren't keen on the games been offered you might be able to save a bit of money by buying a 4GB console and purchasing the 250GB hard drive from ozgameshop.

    considering picking up a 360 to compliment my ps3, was considering getting ME3 on PS3 despite not playing the first two, so really I'd be getting the 360 and 2 games for about $280.. although not really interested in Halo or Fable, maybe they'll let me swap for an old gears of war game or something.

    One of my concerns with picking one up is all the additional costs. Can anyone tell me what I should expect to pay after getting the console for things like a controller charger, extra controller (and charger?), HDMI cable, live subscription etc (what other addons are required?)... Not sure if you still need to buy HDMI and charges with the later 360s..

      Chargers and battery packs are at least cheap. Charger and two packs should be $10.

      I don't have a Live subscription so can't help there.

        Part of my comment disappeared. (I used 'greater than' / 'less than' symbols)

        Here's how it should have read.

        Chargers and battery packs are at least cheap. Charger and two packs should be LESS THAN $20 if you import (though GAME often run sales on peripherals like this)

        Controllers are between $30-60 each (lower end is for wired).

        HDMI cable should never cost MORE THAN $10.

        I don’t have a Live subscription so can’t help there.

      ozgameshop for xbl subscriptions, much cheaper than JB and EB etc... JB hifi and EB sell 12 months for about $80, ozgameshop has specials for about $50 for 12 months...

      Plus im pretty sure this pack has a 3 month XBL sub included...

      A HDMI cable is a HDMI cable, so a job $10 from your local woolies or coles is fine...

    I'd like one for the toilet. A bit of casual gaming on the throne would be great

      That would pretty much guarantee that no one else would use your controller...

        This is entirely why they invented Kinect. Now your controller cant get dirty.

          Call of Duty: Toilet Warfare

            stocks up on cherry bombs

    oh and sorry if I'm getting off topic here but do the latest ones have wireless built in or you need an add-on for that too?

      built in

    5th Xbox!? What the deuce, MARK!

    $200 and get rid of the three games and I'll get one :P

    Lol five what do you do to them fail owner is fail im on my 2nd the slim on and my 1st ive had for years now works fine still.

    XBOX NUMBER FIVE? You can not be serious, Mark. I hope you only payed for ONE of those, otherwise you have been badly ripped off. Microsoft laughing all the way to the bank with your $2000. You Mark are what the carny community call a "rube".

    Your 5th 360? I'm still on my first, which I've had for 3 years :/

    Anyway, thanks for the heads up, even though I won't be taking advantage of it.

    I don't have one but I'm tempted. If I didn't just buy a Vita I'd probably get it and play through those Halo and Gears of War games I've been missing out on all these years being a PS3 owner. Hopefully this deal lasts a little longer.

    Ive still got the original xbox elite.

    Works perfectly fine, no freezing, never red ringed.

    I just always layed it horizontally, which later on i heard was better for it rrod wise.

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