THQ Sued For $10 Million Because It Didn’t Make A Video Game

THQ Sued For $10 Million Because It Didn’t Make A Video Game
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A few years back, beleagured publisher THQ signed a deal with Adidas to make a fitness game based on the German firm’s miCoach technology. The deal was that game had to be on shelves by January 2012. It’s not, and is nowhere to be seen, so either THQ forgot all about it, or there were serious problems at THQ.

Which sounds about right.

Either way, Adidas is now suing for at least $US10 million, because it claims revenue has been lost as a result of the game they’d been promised not being an actual thing. Which again, sounds about right.

In addition to the fact the game was never delivered, Adidas allege that THQ also refused to “turn over video game publishing materials to an alternative developer of Adidas’ choosing”.

Adidas files lawsuit against THQ gaming systems alleging contract breach [Oregon Live]

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  • “so either THQ forgot all about it”

    Lol something about that put me in tears. I had this scene in my head.

    boss just casually strolls past employee’s cubicle…
    “ahh, john, you DO know it says here we were supposed to have that game completed by friday right?

    “uhhhhhh….. Which game again?”

    • Either that or while getting a cola out of the fridge a mouldy old post-it note that has been hidden under magnets and memos falls off the fridge, the dev picks it up, squints at the blurred ink;

      -Start Adidas game!

      “Oh [email protected]$K!!!!”

  • Oh fuck off addidas you better not fuck over THQ if i dont get sr4 ill be sueing you addidas for an unreleased game

      • Not really. Unless Adidas was actually paying them already and not just taking a cut of the profits once THQ was done with it.

        The biggest issue here is THQ not forking over the work done(which in my opinion even if it’s nothing should make it even)

        Sure Adidas didn’t make the profit they envisioned from this title(Do these fitness games really sell that much that they were going to make 10million in revenue) But if THQ hands off the property(which they appear not to have) there is nothing stopping Adidas from still releasing a game and profiting off their tech. While THQ absorbs the loss that they had in development

        • I think THQ was doing them a favour really, You know when one of your friends has an awful idea and you just play it down, and never mention it again…

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