While You Were Oh... New Assassin's Creed III Info

It's all about Assassin's Creed! If you are a fan of assassins or, indeed, creed (the belief system, not the band) then this is the place to be.

I'm biased, but I think your first port of call should be Tracey Lien's The Assassin’s Creed III Revolution. It's great, and has a good interview with the new Creative Director, who is from Melbourne. We also have a more extensive feature about that fella later this afternoon, so stay tuned for that.

Continuing on the Assassin's Creed III tip, here's a closer look at the weapons you'll be using, and this is 50 things you need to know about the game. A whole 50!

Oh, and stuff that isn't about Assassin's Creed 3? Um... here — have this thing about Guild Wars 2, and Ken Levine talking about BioShock Infinite!

In Short The Assassin's Creed III Revolution Here Are The Weapons You'll Kill Redcoats With In Assassin's Creed III Ken Levine Talks About What Makes BioShock Infinite Tick 50 Things About Assassin's Creed III That You Should Know Everything You Wanted To Know About Guild Wars 2


    Happy Birthday to Nathan Fillion! Also on this day in 1841 - The first steam fire engine was tested in New York City.

    Awww.... A baby sloth, I want one (as long as it didn't grow up :P)

      Quick! He's very slowly getting away!

    I gave up on AC series in the middle of ACII. Do I have to play all the previous games before this one? Cos I really got bored in 2 =/

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