Pigs In The Streets Of Boston Confirmed For Assassin's Creed III

There isn't a bad shot of Assassin's Creed III in this new hype video for the late-October game. Which feature impresses you most? The tree-running? The jumping off roofs into rolling carts of hay? The Boston Tea Party?

I like the pigs waddling through the city streets, myself. More games need that.

Assassin's Creed III: Inside Assassin's Creed Episode Four [YouTube]


    Please, none of that crappy fixed camera stuff. It made the tombs ridiculous in ACII/B.

      Yeah i'm split on the fixed camera bits, on one hand it makes the tombs too easy since you always know where to go.
      On the other hand it can get annoying working out which jumps are possible with a free camera system. Nothings more irritating that dying because you jumped towards something you weren't supposed too.

    The feature that impresses me the most is the utter failure of Ubisoft's marketing team. Invulnerable American Revolutionaries? Yes plx!

    I hope they have more to the snow parts than it just slows you down. In the video they talk about the extreme climes of the frontier and how they could kill, but if you're not affected by prolonged exposure to the elements (Most games seem to make the hero invulnerable to hypothermia and heat stroke), then it's not really going to feel as authentic as they seem to be aiming for.

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