See Six More Gorgeous Views Of Assassin's Creed III

Another six screenshots for Assassin's Creed III have hit the Internet. The screenshots depict Connor on his American adventures and while it's tough to tell which of these are pre-renders and which (if any) are gameplay, the visual clues they offer tip off what you should expect from the game.

In two of them, Connor can be seen dual-wielding his hand axe and a pistol; in another, he is in a canoe, perhaps suggesting water travel will be a part of a larger open world and the exploration of it. Another absolutely gorgeous shot shows Connor overlooking what appears to be a snowy Boston Harbor.

NEW Assassin's Creed 3 Screenshots [NeoGAF]


    Sweet!! Canoe riding. I hope you can fish as well.

      Yeah, with the Zelda fishing tune playing in the background ....
      Do Doooo, Do Doooo, Do Dooooooooooooo.

      I have that tune playing in my head whenever I go fishing now.

    Six views, one image. Great work, Owen!, who knows what "Gremio Las Sombres" is? And I must add, I approve of the assassin logo with wings and the bird inside.

      Google says...

      "The Guild Of Shadows"

        I guess they could change there name over time, like the Templars did.

    looks gorgeous!!! Im hoping that the Wii U version has even better visuals and some innovative controls - that will be a must buy for me

    In the battle scene in the forest a blood pool seems to be on the ground, something that AC has never done before. In Aus anyway not sure about anywhere else.

    Looking at the fourth image... why doesn't anyone look up? I mean, he's not that hard to spot...

    I'm sold. Now all they need is for the CE to be epic like the brotherhood one. Revelations was a nice CE but was still a step down.

      Yeah those jack-in-the-box were so awesome. I had to buy both and give the spare game to my brother.

    Still so bored with this game.

    Ooh. American Revoloution....

    If they wanted war time WW2 would have made much more sense, what with Hitler being very interested in ancient alien artifacts of power.

    These are all from last month's issue of Game Informer. It's always so satisfying seeing awesome screens like these in the mag, knowing that it'll be up to a month before the rest of the internet does :D

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