Xbox 360 Mass Effect 3 Can't Import Your Saved Game From The Cloud

IN BRIEF: EA has warned Xbox 360 gamers that their Mass Effect 3 saved games won't import if they're stored in the 360's data cloud. They'll have to be located on or transferred from the console on which they were created.


    I doubt it will be a problem seeing as how ME1 and 2 were made before cloud storage was integrated into XBL.

      ALL of my Xbox saves are on the Cloud now. I haven't played Mass Effect, but I get the feeling that FFXIII-2 won't know I've played FFXIII-1 unless I temporarily move it back.

    I would have loved to been able to somehow transfer my ME Xbox saves to PC for ME3.

      Download some save files for ME1 and ME2 and use a savegame editor. If you get a good editor, you should be able to neatly recreate your console saves and then import them for ME3.

        The modified gibbed editor can simply convert between the two. As long as you can take the saves off the xbox and get them onto the PC you can just open them up and re-save them as pc saves.

      or you could always download a save file from where someone has done the same choices as you.
      Had to do this when my HDD crashed and i CBF'd playing back through ME1 on PC

      Oooooh, a PC convert, lah-dee-daaaaaah.

        You sound jelly

        Oooooh, a console peasant, lah-dee-daaaaaah.

      There are programs that will convert them for you. Sorry don't know where to to go right now, but I've seen them before. Naturally they only work XBox->PC.


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