Yo Dawg, We Heard You Liked Journey

Man, I might be a little late to this party, but this is amazing. A tiny bit spoilery for those that haven't played Journey yet, but nonetheless, hilarious.

And while I'm here, have I told you how awesome Journey is?

Yeah, I have, haven't I.


    Yes, you have.



      If you have a look on their website the sentiment seems to be that they're looking to go multiplatform after this game(3 game contract). So if this doesnt end up on XBL or steam then i'm sure they'll make something just as good in the future(fingers crossed).

    I'm without internet when its released, my cursor is hovering over tha tplay button!

    Recharged my internet today just so I can download I Am Alive and this. Speaking of which, any word on how big a download this game is?

      US version was around 700mb. I can't imagine the PAL version will be any bigger with the whole issue of no dialogue ;)

        Cool, thanks. Problem with having no real internet at home yet is the necessity for mobile broadband, so just wanted to know how much leeway I had.

    why didnt someone just say from the "makers of Flow & Flower" -just take my freaking money already!

    $20 for a 2 hour game , no thanks

    I so wish that song was actually in it.

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