What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Journey, I will be playing Journey. Most likely I will spend my weekend playing it, and then spend most of Monday writing a self-indulgent gushy piece about my experience with the game — look 'forward' to it! But what are you guys doing/playing this weekend?

I don't expect I'll be playing anything other than Journey. I haven't finished Metal Gear Solid 3 yet (just at the battle with The End) but I have to prioritise here. For the past couple of weeks I've only been play old games — Metroid Fusion, MGS3 — so I'm quite looking forward to becoming enamoured with something new.

But enough about me — what are you guys playing this weekend?


    I'll be coninuing my epic game of IRL Tetris as I move house! Yay me! If only I could set off a rocket when i complete it.. that would be truly awesome!

    You're playing Journey? So that means you'll be getting your PS3 online. Which means you can finally accept that year-old friend request :P

      Moving van Tetris is never a happy sport. Good luck!

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 most likely. Also picked up Alan Wake on Steam so I'll try and give that a play. Should fit some SWTOR in there at some stage too.

    Dusted off Red Dead Redemption from the pile last weekend. Forgot how much of a top game it is. About 2/3 through. Getting a bit bored with the skinning animals cinematic though.

      I highly recommend the Red undead Dlc once you finished. almost better than the game.

    Im having a weired hankering for Kingdom Hearts =)
    But cant find my copy.

    If that doesnt work out, SC2 it is.


    Moar FFXIII-2 & SCV. Everyday's Golf is keeping me preoccupied as well in honing in my golf skills.

      Everybody hates bastards =(

    I'll be sitting down with the Vita to really test out what it is capable of in terms of long term gaming.

    I haven't had a chance to play more than an hour at a time since I got it but in the past longer game sessions on the DS left me crying blood [albeit thoroughly entertained] so I want to see if it is the same.

    In terms of games, Dynasty Warriors Next because I like Warriors games and clearly have no taste/dignity.

      I too will be putting my Vita through its paces. I have been playing Uncharted Golden Abyss and thoroughly enjoying it. I have copied over Monster Hunter but I still need to copy my old save file and make sure it works. And I wouldn't mind trying out some of the demos like Motorstorm, Hustle Kings and Super Stardust.

        Snap reviews...

        Stardust - arguably, like it's PS3 brother, one of the best twin stick shooters ever made.
        Motorstorm - it's the second coming of a decent Micro Machines games
        Hustle Kings - not given this enough time, but seems solid for a pool game on the go.

        Bonus points for Motorstorm & Hustle Kings for the buy either and get both platform versions of the game.

    Finishing my 2nd play through of Mass Effect 2 in preparation for ME3 next week ;)

      Same here! We should hang out.

        It must be love......love...love

      Same with me. Just getting those final level ups on my renegade FemShep

    Playing around with the Vita some more.. plus SSX and not sure what else.

    This weekend i will be playing Fragile Dreams and the Last Story, as my Ozgameshop LE Order arrived 20min ago

    I'll b playing the SSX and FIFA Street demos and maybe after that I'll continue my diamond hunts in FAr Cry 2.

    I can't wait for Far Cry 3, I hope they've improved all the issues the second game had.

      Ah Far Cry 2. Oh how I remember only having one save, getting it corrupted and losing 25 hours of game time and needing to start all over again.

    Well... I'm going to take a break from playing Vessel, as we've finally released it :)

    I heartily suggest you lads check out the demo on steam if you've got some time on this weekend.

    Civ V, first Civ game I've ever played and I am loving it _(._.)_

    Rocksmith, Mass Effect 2, Alice: Madness Returns, Amalur, and I'll be fooling around with my vita, renewing my love for lumines and wipeout.

    Hoping to take a large chunk out of Peace Walker. All of the achievements will be mine. :D

    Just finishes my AHL season winning the Calder Cup with the Wolves.

    Post trade deadline roster update should be available Saturday so I'll probably start an NHL season.

    There'll be two Stanley Cups for Vancouver this season!

      Keep dreaming, this is the year of the Blackhawks... And Dragons for all you Nrl fans. :D Also, I cannot Believe how bad the AI is in NHL 12, anticipation AI my ass. They move AWAY from the puck... SERIOUSLY?!

    Alan Wake's American Nightmare for me, since I finally forked out for a mobile broadband stick, and spent hours last night getting it set up with my router.

    SSX and MGS snake eater for me - if there is time DARKSIDERS as well

    Rekindled my love affair with Fallout 3, so I'll be smashing through a heap of that (DLC included).

    I'm on another self-imposed sabattical from Demon's Souls, apparently. Enthusiasm waxes and wanes, despite it being one of the best games I've ever played.

    So I'll probably be writing this weekend, interspersing it with Sons of Anarchy season 2 finale and beyond \o/

    I've been (re)digging Metroid Fusion on my 3DS, spending an awful lot of time with that.

    Might try to beat Tracey's score in ZiGGURAT.

    Finally going to beat Lou in Guitar Hero III's hard mode (and expert too if I can finish the last few songs). It's been taunting me for years and yesterday's "Tell Us Dammit" opened my eyes to the possibility of a cheap way to beat him. Count me in!

    And finally, I started playing the Halo: Reach campaign last night. I decided that I'm going to do it on Legendary. How hard can it be, right?

    Digging for more mythril and adamantite in Terraria

    I'm halfway through Catherine, probably keep going with that.

    Metaphysics and Symbollic Logic.
    They're games! *cries* Stupid Uni

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