Anders Breivik's World Of Warcraft Character Shown In Court

The trial of Anders Behring Breivik's is currently underway, and already there has been talk of video games and their influence on Brehvik's behaviour, which is troubling to say the least. Almost as troubling as this picture of his World of Warcraft character — how he managed to play with that user interface I'll never know...

World of Warcraft has already been discussed in the court, where the above image was shown. According to The Daily Telegraph, Breivik broke into a "broad smile" when a screenshot of his World of Warcraft character was projected into the court.

The game was brought up by the Prosecution, in an attempt to characterize Brehvik as an anti-social, troubled man struggling with a series of failures in his life.

It's difficult to know precisely how to feel when a video game makes news in this way. On the one hand it's clear that Brehvik is completely insane, and his consumption of video games is barely relevant in this case. But in the context of the prosecution's attempt to characterise Brehvik as an anti-social loner living in isolation, is it fair to discuss the fact that Anders Brehvik practically played World of Warcraft full time for a year? Possibly...

So far no-one has directly attempted to blame the Oslo Massacre on video games, which is a good thing. But the trial is still in progress, and I'm sure the topic will come up again at some point.


    The intriguing thing is, the court deemed him 'sane' enough to stand trial. That fact makes things even scarier imo.

      the reason they are doing that is so that they can demonize him and make sure he gets a huge sentence with no chance of getting out. Also the public has placed huge pressure to have him stand trial for what he did. If he was deemed insane they would just lock him up in a loony house and life would be fairly easy in comparison to a jail. There would also be a risk that he could later say 30 years be declared sane and fit for release which they clearly dont want to occur. In the original assessment of him they declared him insane and not responsible for his actions but the prosecutors/court sort a second opinion which declared him sane and fit to face the charges.

      Sane in a legal context [UK/AU/US] is a lot lower threshold - it merely means he understood the consequence of his actions (shoot gun = kill people), and understood that those actions were wrong (killing = bad in principle).

      The court has declared him sane enough to stand trial, they haven't declared him sane in general.

        Thanks for that, I was going to say it's pretty pathetic if he's been declared insane but they're just making him stand trial anyway becuase 'hey the public hates him.' Don't have a lot of faith in the legal system as it is, but the insanity plea exists for a reason (even if it's oft abused).

      The intriguing thing is that you need to portray Brehvik as insane in order to rationalise the terrible things he did. Do you characterise Hitler as "insane", as well, because the thought of a sane mind conceiving of and acting upon desipcable thoughts is too much?

      Yeah, let's not go medicalise immorality here. There is no pill that will make this guy not a monster. He chose to become one.

        The "choose" part is where the claim of insanity comes in.

        Insane people are mentally unfit to make choices in life situations. Just as most average people are physically unfit to score a goal in the AFL. That's why insane people go to asylums (such as Arkham), so they are able to operate in a modified environment.

      Psychopaths are not legally insane. They know what they are doing is illegal or socially unacceptable. They just don't care. A paranoid schizophrenic, on the other hand, who has voices telling him to kill people, is insane. Schizophrenics may be terrified of what they are doing, but feel they have no choice.

    Objection. Relevance?

    I think the most chilling thing about this whole saga is the very real possibility that he is *not* insane. The very issue of sanity can be highly subjective, and to say that Brehvik is an intelligent and logical person is no way to condone his utterly despicable and contemptible acts, but to merely make an observation based on the evidence.

    Perhaps the reason he smiled broadly while the screenshot was shown in court was due to the fact that, being an intelligent person, he realised (and this is possibly the only instance where we share any commonality with the scum) just how ridiculous the argument of playing WoW for a year could contribute to such an atrocity.

      The only way they could blame video games is if the guy went from being upstanding citizen to psychopath while playing video games. They cannot. But, it won't stop some from making that conclusion anyway. The fact is, there is a reason anti-social people play video games more than say well adjusted individuals. It's because they can't function in society. The problems are already there. The games are merely an outlet. Do video games shape anti-social's behaviors to the extent of forcing them to act out violently? No. But, they may re-enforce the desires that are already there for such behavior. That's not the game's fault.

    "So far no-one has directly attempted to blame the Oslo Massacre on video games, which is a good thing. But the trial is still in progress, and I’m sure the topic will come up again at some point."

    You fogot the bullshit that the ACL was spewing 3 days after the event occured.

    How does this picture show that he is "anti social and struggling with life"? Seems like the defence are not even trying which is to be expected but still.

      Not the pic, the fact that he played full time for a year.

        I've played full time for over 7 years and have yet to massacre a camp of kids. But as they say. Wow nerfed mages he proved he could still AOE farm

          Unless I'm reading that wrong - that's incredibly poor taste.

            Yeah, wtf.

              yeah thats pretty low. now hitler, theres a man that knew how to AOE grind.

                I'm both amused and slightly disgusted. How conflicting.

                Wayyyy to reinforce the stereotype guys...

                  As you can see from these comments made on a gaming website, your honour, it is clear that Mr. Kreunt has a darker-than-average sense of humour, which is obviously irrefutable proof that he is a homicidal psychopathic monster. The prosecution rests.

    The dude is easily the evilest dude alive at the moment. He's a mass murdering racist, and he's insane. He killed men, women and children irregardless. 77 deaths for fucks sake. And they were mostly children. Fucking scumbag.

    Did WoW influence his behaviour? Full time for a year is pretty nuts, but it's a social game, so I doubt it had any influence on anti social behaviour. I have no idea what triggers batshit crazy bullshit, and maybe it is video games, but there's no fixing this guy. He needs life imprisonment in solitary confinement, death sentence if they have it over there.

      Looks like Norway doesn't have capital punishment anymore. So life in solitary sounds good to me for a sentence.

        "He’s a mass murdering racist"
        If you listen to the media, that's true.....if you listen to the guy's motives then you will notice that he is against the Islamization of Norway and Europe. Islam is not a race so please do not spout yet more rubbish because you pollute fair minded people who read this yet know no better.

        His trial does not question his guilt, yet it will focus on the reasons for his actions. Tho he acted in what most seem is an utter psychotic manner with such heinous crimes does not mean he has no reason for acting out for what he believes in. I believe we will see more outbursts of a similar vein as people in Europe and worldwide become more sick and desperate about the mass multiculturalist attitudes they believe are destroying what they see as their home nations.
        Look bigger picture folks :)

          Can I play too Bigticket?

          'I'm not saying Muslims are filthy subhumans trying to undermine western society who deserve to be wiped out, that would be horrible! I'm just saying however, that people need to be open to all the FACTS.'

          'Just let me say again, I am most definitely not saying Muslims are filthy subhumans trying to undermine western society who deserve to be wiped out, just saying people need to be open to all the FACTS. Did you get that? I am glad we could have such a reasonable discourse for fair minded people to hear the truth :)'

          'Now, about the climate change scam that I am definitely not saying is a conspiracy between money hungry climate scientists, George Soros, the Communists and the Jews...'

          Ahhh, News Corporation, your spawn grows up so fast *wipes tear*

            Multiculturalism is the natural progression of humananity. We've been multi-cultural for at least 20,000 years in one form or another, see neanderthal & homo-sapian archeological evidence. You might not characterize him as a racist but, he's certainly a fascist. The two -ists generally go hand in hand. If one is willing to hate purely because of others' beliefs then one is also inclined to hate based on racial differences. It doesn't really matter. I've yet to meet a fascist who wasn't also a racist or visa versa.

      I don't think he should be sentenced to death, solitary confinement for the rest of his life is better, he might actually come to terms with what he has done and have to live with it.

      How can you state that he is 'crazy' then say he deserves a death sentence? If he's "broken" (as you said there's no fixing him) then surely a life of psychiatric care would be the more suitable punishment? Merely curious, I have no sympathy for him at all. Just don't personally believe in the death sentence.

      I find it perplexing that his claims of him working with a group of people (with some not-solid evidence to support it) is being completely dismissed.

        He's a HUGE threat to society. If it was a domestic violence dispute that killed someone, which stemmed from mental illness, I can see rehab being a potential option. But this wasn't a lapse of judgement, it was mass murder of 77 people. There's no way you can re-enter society after something like that.

          I did not suggest re-entering society, if that's what you're suggesting I said. I suggested LIFE in an institution so science can learn from his mental issues (and perhaps explore this 'modern Knights Templar' stuff he keeps talking about). No parole, no "he seems better, let's let him out now kekeke".

          At any rate, I can't see him getting anything but life in prison so it's all moot to discuss anyway.

          If he's locked up, how is he a 'HUGE' threat to society? The worst thing you could do for this man is let him walk, as he'd be found in a ditch before sundown. Just lock him up, the death penalty mentality is all about retribution, not rehabilitation. Nothing we can do is going to bring this guy's victims back, let alone add yet another death to the whole tragedy.

      i would have to say charlie Manson is worse. Manson managed to brainwash a whole bunch of young women into murdering people including a preggers lady. Sure not as many but personally i'd say that is more evil. Just as tragic but brainwashing others into committing murder is just evil x 10 instead of evil x 9

        Agreed. What he did was monsterous, but there are certainly more evil people.

        Side note: it is horrific to note that a sizeable portion of 4chan's /b "community" (hahahaha) considers Anders Breivik to be a hero.

          I'm not quite sure why people feel the need to rank 'deeds of evilness.' The flipside of trying to imply 'this' act was more evil than another is it suggests that other acts are 'less evil.' Can't we just be happy with the knowledge evil acts are evil and you quanitfying it is irrelevant if not impossible.
          And by happy I mean at peace with.

            I agree. I know a guy who once pirated an episode of The Office. As far as I'm concerned, that's precisely as bad as what Breivik did.

          /b/ is full of pretentious, obnoxious, anti-social, sexually confused beta males. All their content is old and stale and half of the users use 9fag but will not admit to it. I hope you seriously do not take any of their opinions seriously.

          I think it's funny 4chan like to crack lols about the 'top score' -although at the end of the day their all just normal people not actual psychopaths (as much as /b/tards like to think they are.)

      People like you make me sick. Sure, he is a bigoted, white supremacist who planned the murders of many innocent people. There is NO way he could ever re-enter society. But to say that he deserves to be killed or locked in solitary confinement for life is ridiculously callous. He is still a person, and what he has done doesn't change that. Just because he's done something really fucked up and wrong, it doesn't give society the right to stop treating like a human.

        I don't think he gave those '77' a choice, so why should they be lenient in his treatment in regards to capital punsihment? Just my two cents...

          He forfeited his right to be treated as a person.

            This is pretty well my interpretation of the situation.

          Your two cents are useless in this country. :D

          But seriously. There is something very wrong with the idea that another murder will atone for those 77.

            "Unsure if Trolling, or completely Retarded."

            Would you honestly be comfortable living with him? Cause that's essentially what you are suggesting for others to do. He's too dangerous to be locked up with other inmates, some who may have committed petty crimes or some as insane as him.

            Solitary is really the only option for this guy to keep others safe from his insanity, including other criminals. Last thing we need is him possibly breaking out with a group of other psychopaths.
            Further to that, what makes you think he won't kill an inmate? Or is that OK with you seeing as the government doesn't do it?

            If you have so much faith that he could honestly be re-integrated in ANY FORM of society, why not contact the court and say you'd be happy to foster him IF he gets out. Cause I think they'd pull you right in to the looney bin.

            And Raazel's Two cents is worth more than your idiotic comments where you are essentially saying there is no place to keep him cause you can't seem to realise there is still a society in prisons.

              "There is NO way he could ever re-enter society."

              "If you have so much faith that he could honestly be re-integrated in ANY FORM of society, why not contact the court and say you’d be happy to foster him IF he gets out."


            I'm generally not one for capital punishment, but this is fairly cut and dry in regards to what punishment should be met. It's not right, but in this case you reap what you sow.

      He's got the all time high score though. That has got to count for something

    Oh shit he's playing arcane mage right? I PLAY ARCANE MAGE OH GOSH NO

      There is a poice van approaching your home as we speak. Welcome to our nanny state, please enjoy your confinement here.

    Lawyers spend more than a year, and a vast percentage of their work time, with their nose in a book and their head up their ass, but no-one calls them antisocial loners.
    Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me.
    Okay, that's an exaduration, like calling all lawyers liars, but you'd think the whole "antisocial" tag would be fading by now, especially considering elecronic media is now the main way people communicate.
    We probably talk face to face as much as the last generation did, it's just a tiny percentage of our total communication now.

    How is WoW even relevant to this case? If I remember the rhetoric he posted he used this as a cover to plan the attack. Who's to say he didn't just log in and leave it running background while he went about plotting his crazy attack?

    All I got to say is thank god it was World of Warcraft and not a full year of Call of Duty or something like that. They would be jumping all over that link.

    This dodgy interface screenshot is assuming it was shown on the PC it was originally set up on. If I have my WoW interface setup to perfection at home, and then log on to another PC, say at a LAN centre, it comes up rather like the screenshot above.

    I have to correct something here Mark - he's an evil racist, but as near as I can tell, he's not insane. His manifesto was coherent, if irrational, he's not delusional, his behaviour was not compulsive. He chose to do this. He's using his time in court to spread his truly evil beliefs. None of this is consistent with insanity.

    I feel I have to clarify this, because the court agrees with me. He was found, on review, to be a malingerer in the initial evaluation and largely responsible for his actions.

    On topic: I don't know why the prosecution is pushing this. The case is open-shut in terms of guilt. The only thing they should be pushing is that he has no excuses. I don't see what this has to do with that.

      It was pretty creepy to just now see that he smiled when they showed CCTV footage of the explosion (said footage was not shown for obvious reasons). Sends a chill down the spine.

    UI is irrelevant if he rarely if ever used it. I understand from the evidence presented that he ran a script and left WoW playing as a cover, not that he actually played much himself.

    Not defendinding him or WoW, but it's an MMO... as in "Multiplayer"... How does that count towards being antisocial? Surely he didn't spend that full year wandering around Azeroth by himself?

    killed 77, level 77.

    What's the point of having a trial if he's guilty and confessed that he is guilty? Will it bring closure to the family's of the victims? I dunno. to me this trial seems like a continuous slap in the face and constant reminder to us all. IMO He should be locked up in solitary confinement and forgotten about

      No, you have it all wrong. Things like this should never be forgotten about. Same as World War II and Hitler, Phnom Penh and the Khmer Rouge, Marsh Arabs genocide by Sadam Hussain and other atrocities.

      It's when the human collective memory forgets these types of things that it is allowed to occur again and that's what we don't want... Forgetting is definitely not the solution!

      He's pleading not guilty by self-defence. Doesn't make any sense, but he's free to choose how he defends himself.

        I figure it's all part of the defence plan. Self defence plea, the pics of the game. Next they will atempt to show that after playing the game for a year his mind was no longer able to tell the difference between the real world and the game. He thought all those innocent people were game characters trying to get him.

        I say let him free, the world has ways of dealing with people like this and it's easier if they are out here than protected behind bars.

    He violated the Human Rights of 77 adults and children and subsequently their families. He deserves no mercy, respect or human rights.

    Breivik should be shot in the back of the head and buried in an unmarked grave out in the wilderness. At least some good can come of him if he is left as blood and bone manure.

      Thats to quick and easy on him he should be forced to rot in a cell by himself for the rest of his life.

      No question what he did was a violation of human rights, and he needs to be caged like an animal. However, its not for us to strip human rights as we see fit. To do so, would make the entire concept arbitrary.

        Exactly this!
        Once universal rights are taken away from some, they are no longer universal rights!

    more reason to hate mages *boom shakalaka*

    So the procecution linked World of Warcraft to "anti-social" thats wierd i thought it was a Massively Multiplayer Online game, Hmm strange so all the raids are just one guy controlling 10,15,25 and 40 characters whilst being "Anti-Social" thats interesting.

    When i played WoW i started off as in it to lvl whilst lvling i joined a guild of awesome people then i hit endgame and i raided and spent more time talking interacting with those people.
    Shortly after i found i wasnt playing WoW to get that Weapon with 33+ Strength no i was playing to be social with these people that i've known for over a year.

    I dont play WoW anymore becuase of work and the like but often i want to go back just to speak to those people that i had spent a chunck of my younger life with.

    On the matter of this guy being trialed i think they should just lock his as up for the rest of his life thats if they can't swing the death penalty people like him don't deserve to be of this earth.

    I think, as happens on every internet forum in the history of ever, people are confused by what anti social means. It's a fair enough mistake, but might be worth your time to look up ;)

      True (I admit I made this mistake, and did look it up), but I still fail to see how playing WoW (even obsessively) can be classified as antisocial. Obsessive, yes, but not antisocial. The legal definition requires the behaviour to have a detrimental impact on others... playing WoW full-time really only impacts yourself... unless you abuse people in-game, I suppose. Unless you're using of a different definition?

        It can have a detrimental impact on your friends, family and job as I've seen a friend go through when he was addicted.

          Fair point. I forgot about the addictive nature of WoW, was too focused on the obsessive side of it (a minor difference, I know).

    If he is/was insane, when he sanities himself up, he will probably kill himself in a mutilating fashion, if he gets a chance.

      After reading what went down in the court, I don't think he is as much insane as he is a fucking fanatic, if he gets declared sane it'll only be 21 years, if they can declare him as an insane threat to society he gets life. Let's see if fanaticism counts as a form of dangerous insanity, this could become a legal precedent as it's one of the few cases (other than lockerbie) where a terrorist has actually been tried in court.

    I think it's unfortunate that video games should come under fire as a catalyst for such an abhorrent act. Personally, I think it is unlikely that WoW had anything to do with causing the slaughter of 77 people. 

    However, and this is a pretty big however. I feel that the fact that Anders Breivik played the game, full time, for an entire year, says a great deal about his state of mind. This isn't me making a cheap dig at WoW, but what needs to be taken into consideration is that MMOs are not a social activity. Yes yes, there is a multiplayer aspect there, but it is really no more social than texting your friend across town while playing an online shooter. MMOs deliver a simulacrum of social interaction through chat windows and player avatars. This is not the same as going to have lunch with someone, or even playing local multiplayer on a console. If you are playing an MMO with no one else in the immediate vicinity, that's isolation, which is a very telling sign of those who suffer from mental illness. The fact that Breivik underwent this self-imposed seclusion, coupled with his other obsessions, speaks volumes about his mental state. 

    I would like to reiterate that the is absolutely no rational justification or reason to end the lives of 77 innocents. None. What I am saying however is that we should not be so quick to dismiss Breiviks WoW addiction as unrelated to his mental condition. 

    Furthermore, for those suggesting that Anders be placed in solitary confinement for the rest of his natural life are clearly unaware that solitary is essentially a form of torture. Without outside stimuli, the mind starts to lose its grip on reality. Now, while Breivik may not have a solid grip to begin with, permanent solitary is inhumane and frankly over the top. Why submit a man who is already psychologically unhinged to further mental torture? It does nothing for anyone, except possibly satisfy the sadistic tendencies of a handful of people who have no relation to the case at hand, aside from being distant observers. 

    The humane solution would be to incarcerate for life with ongoing treatment. I understand that killing 77 people is not humane to begin with, but subjecting someone who is already ill to further torture is obscene. It would be more efficient, more cost effective and more humane to execute him, rather than place him in solitary till he dies. 

    Cant think of a more fitting title for 'the Insane'

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