Australian Artists Create A Perfume That Smells Like Opening Apple Products

This is one of those things that's just so pathologically stupid that you can only hope that it's satire. MacWorld Australia reports that three Australian artists have created a new perfume designed to replicate the smell of opening a MacBook Pro for the first time...

Don't get me wrong, I like the smell of opening products for the first time. It's a purely cognitive connection — it reminds you of all those times you opened something new, the excitement of it — but it's a real pleasure. I don't know if that pleasure is a positive thing. Most likely it's a by product of rampant consumerism, and the fact that a perfume attempting to bottle that smell is being released is utter insanity.

Unless it's satire. Please let it be satire!

Apparently those involved have gone to extreme lengths to replicate that smell — getting samples of the glue, plastic, rubber and paper used is Mac packaging.

Man, this world is a weird, weird place.

Scent of Apple: MacBook Pro fragrance created [Macworld]


    "The scent of evil"

    You clearly have not owned a brand new apple product before. I don't know what it is, but Macs have a very distinctive smell to them when they're new.

    I'd buy it. Every time I notice that smell it sends me on a nostalgia trip back to when my Dad got our first computer back in 1986.

      It's the smell of a Chinese labourer's blood, sweat and tears.

        Ah don't put it like that, now those peeps interested won't have an excuse to part with their cash.

    Mark - this is art. It can be satire if that's how you want to interpret it.

      That is definitely how I want to interpret it.

        Yeah Mark remember, there is no spoon.

          I'm going to interpret is as a subtle anti-anti-hipsters. The perfume is supposed to provoke people who hate hipster into hating them even more. The hipsters buy it to feed the fury of those who loathe them. I buy gallons of the stuff in which to bathe because I love the smell of components.

    This disgusts me, I love the smell of opening up new products as much as Mark does, It is a refreshing smell and I don't know how to put words to it. But to replicate it? That just destroys the meaning behind this smell and everyone person who uses this 'scent' should go jump in a barrel of toxic waste.

      aaaaand there's the bile. Didn't take too long. Less than 15 minutes. Not bad.

        The article was posted at 4:00pm you moron.

          Well, at least my comment lasted a good 10 minutes before it was attacked by a big old meanie.

    Isn't the smell of new electronics generally left over chemical residue from the construction process? It's generally not recommended to breath in.

    Just goes to show that MAC users are fucking retarded.

    Mark are you aware they sell the new car smell in aerosol form? Also, have you been into "The Basement" part of MYER? Notice a particular smell in there? It's a We Want You To Feel More Like Buying Stuff smell.

    I hope it's satire too, but it's probably not.

      True true - when I read this article I thought "Betcha they spray this about in Apple Stores"

    Must of been difficult to capture the scent of flushing money down the toilet.

      That's easy compared to capturing the smells of lingering regret and the struggle to feel justified with your purchase.

      lol you're cool.

    I unbox hundreds of these machines every time I do a rollout at a school and I can't stand the smell.

    Perhaps the fact I have to unbox hundreds of them makes me hate it irrationally but I think it smells toxic and I really don't like it.

    It's basically glue sniffing imo. Just like the "new car smell" which has a lot to do with the glues and adhesives used on the construction of the interior. I bought a Mac keyboard a few months ago for my PC and I couldn't believe how much "scent" came from thing in the 24hours since opening it and that's just one keyboard. It's gone now but dang, I'm sure it wasn't making me live longer. Is 2012 going to be the year that births the ijunkie?

    Can't help but think there would be a measurably different reaction if this was not for an Apple product. Kotaku AU has an awesome community that seems to transcend the usually fanboi wars until someone utters the word Apple. New electronics smell? New Dreamcast smell? Winner. New iSomething? OMFG, sheep, wasted money etc.

    Posted from my PC.

      Certain members of the Kotaku community are like Mogwai. Cute and adorable, until you feed him after midnightmention Apple.

      Also don't forget what happens when someone mentions "Call of Duty" as well.

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