Dick Smith Offering 30% Off Games And Accessories As A 'Gesture Of Good Will'

After Dick Smith's poorly handled video game sale last week, it seems as though it's attempting to make amends, by offering 30% off on all games and accessories until this Sunday.

A statement on Dick Smith's website said the following...

Due to the unauthorised leaking of an internal price list last week, our Game On Sale has exceeded expectations. As our Game On Sale continues this week, we would like to inform our customers that stock is selling faster than expected. We thank you for your patience and continued support and apologise for any inconvenience caused. As a gesture of goodwill in addition to the Game on Sale event we will now be offering extend the offer to include 30% off gaming software and accessories until Sunday 15 April. Please note that this excludes all gaming consoles, digital cards & already advertised catalogue lines in our Game On brochure (11/4 – 23/4/12).

Not every single game has been discounted, but there are still some solid bargains to be had. You can check the website now, as the discounts have been applied. It may not be much, and it may not be enough, but at least it's something.

Bargain Alert: Dick Smith offers gesture of good will with 30% off games and accessories [Vooks]


    DSE is pretty sad for an electronics retailer, overall. I asked some family to drop in at the place while they were out, and they were told conflicting dates for sales. I don't think we'll be buying from them, now or ever.

    There's nothing good left anyway :|

    Got Told last week by the dude over the counter at my local Dick Smith that MS Point cards on the 11th (today) are going to be $10 each and when i got 3000 today this other dude said sorry only $50 not 10.

    The wife and I away down the NSW south coast. Decided to drive into Norwa to watch a film. Across the road I saw Dick Smith and got a DSi XL for $40 today at 3pm! Spare Wii remotes $2 each and a few games on 360 - Driver SF and Deus Ex $15 each, Brutal Legend $5.

    Walked into the DSE near work and scored a pair of X41's for $35 and Red Dead for $3.50! crazy part is that this was at 1pm today no idea how the x41's stayed on the shelf for so long!

    I know they don't have to do this... but they sort of brang it upon themselves to at least try and make their customers happy - if they are into salvaging a bad situation, that is.

    Like someone else here said:
    My long allegiance to the store is gone.

    Also a good mate of mine and i both agreed that "DSE lost us" when they started slowly removing electronic components sale out of a lot of the stores.

    We've both gone to jaycar since which is conveniently across the road, too!

    There's no real reason to go to DSE anymore - except for false sales

    Ok. I was the 5th person in line at the George St store and am still appalled. It was bad enough that 90 percent of stock that was instore at the previous day's close magically disappeared but when you add to that half the items I did manage to grab were either "not in the system", or were not at the price quoted on the DSE website, or "we can't find the disc"...the whole thing reeks of a sham. To add insult to injury the staff were incredibly rude so as far as I'm concerned I won't set foot in a DSE store ever again.

    Both "sales" were a sham. The first, whether leaked or not, isn't the issue. When many of us checked stock levels at stores the previous night of the first sale (and even again at 8am whilst waiting in the queue waiting for the store to open), many of the games were in stock at most stores. Sure, some were marked as being "low stock... to check with the store". Likewise, the discounted consoles only appeared in a few select stores around Australia.

    What stinks about the whole thing is that come 9am when doors opened, even those items that were showing as "in stock" or "low stock" were nowhere to be seen.

    I myself asked about Tony Hawk Ride on the PS3 which was apparently still available for sale. I asked one staff member. He couldn't be bothered checking. Another said it should be there or out the back, then another staffer approaches him and he comes back and tells me "it seems to have been misplaced or possibly already sold". I don't see how considering I was one of the first few through the door and could see what people were carrying to the registers.

    Similar thing occurred today. I line up at a smaller store which I knew had a couple of PS3 games I was after, I was one of the first there, and although I did get the 2 games I wanted, they only had one copy of each. Now, if I were after a Nintendo DS XL for $40, i'd be pretty peeved. Because they had four of them, and get this... 3 of them were put on the floor behind the counter area until a staff member who works there (this was her day off), showed up to pick up 3 of them. There was only ever one put out on display (which thankfully some kid got).

    If they phrased it like those Rivers advertisements, where some stores may have some or none, that's one thing, but they made it out to be a HUGE 7 million dollar gaming clearance (and that I find difficult to believe) given the availability of the games and consoles around Australia. There was only one 4Gb console for the whole of SA, and as far as I know, there were only a few in one or two other stores in other states. I highly doubt that added up to a 7 million dollar clearance. There's no way in hell they can possibly stand by that statement.

    I don't even have an issue with staff "hoarding" the best stuff for themselves. In all honesty, i'd probably do the same if I worked there. What I have a problem with are those who bought up every cheap game in the store (even if they already owned it), or as witnessed today, a lady who bought up about 15 of those Memorex Wii Remotes for $2.

    It's one thing to buy it for yourself, but quite frankly you are scum if you buy up everything in the store and then sell it on eBay for a profit.

    Again, Dick Smith are to blame for not imposing purchase limits.

    I hope DSE have learned from this. To have a sale (even if it's a clearance), you would think they would do their best to ensure each store around Australia had a little of each stock to make it fair for all.

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