Dick Smith’s HUGE 80%-Off Sale Kicks Off This Weekend

Dick Smith’s HUGE 80%-Off Sale Kicks Off This Weekend

Dick Smith is throwing a huge clearance sale this weekend across all hardware categories — with up to 80% off big ticket items and $10 video games. Yep, Christmas just came early.

Our friends over at Lifehacker have scored the list of discounts directly from Dick Smith. Deals include up to 70% off display and clearance line TVs, up to 80% off printer ink and video games from $10.

Head to Lifehacker for the full list of discounts.

[Via Lifehacker]


  • Already started (Tuesday afternoon?). My local was well and truly picked clean by vultures last night.

  • My local Dick Smith has been getting out of the video games business for a long time now, so I don’t think I’ll bother heading down to see if the 3 or 4 games they had haven’t been sold yet.

    Same deal with the K-Mart here, looks like they’re about to give up completely, their games have been slowly getting cheaper and aren’t being restocked.

    • Yeah I think once Australians decided they weren’t going to pay $100 for games anymore Myer and Dick Smith decided to bail.

      Kmart is a different story altogether- I remember years ago before they outsourced their whole store to Bangladesh, they were trying to break into the New Zealand market where The Warehouse was top dog and the theory at the time was that Kmart was too up-market to compete

      Well absolutely no danger of that now. Video games are one of the few items that store now sells that costs more than $10 and judging by my trip to Kmart Toombul earlier this week the only video games they’re bothering with are in the toys to life category

      • Kmart is just a horrible store. They have completely ‘redone’ the one near me and it’s worse than ever before. It’s just these big shelves on wheels everywhere and feels so disjointed, thrown together and cheap. Also, for some insane reason, they have put the checkouts in the middle of the store…

  • Dick Smith had video games at that price on Tuesday. Belconnen and Civic (Canberra stores) have been pretty well picked clean (partly by me!)

  • I remember them doing a similar sale a couple of years back, where staff cleared off the shelves the night before of some of the ‘sale’ items, like 360’s for I think it was $140 or something stupid. Then they got up the shit with the ACCC because of the crazy number of complaints they got.

      • yep thats the one, its the main reason why i will never buy from dick smiths or trust them ever again, not surprised its going down the same way now

        • I was an employee with them from 2000-2004 roughly. When I left, it was *just* prior to their changeover from electronics experts to ‘mini Goodguys’ which is what it feels like now when I see one. I still know one or two people who work there, but they’ve told me the climate is completely different now. It *was* one of the best jobs I ever had, working for them, but that was back when it was ok to spend half an hour talking capacitors, or finding the right trimpot for someone. Now, it’s all about ‘Want an extended warranty??? No? WHO ELSE NEEDS HELP!’

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