Dick Smith Fire Sales Start Today

Dick Smith Fire Sales Start Today

Yesterday afternoon it was announced that Dick Smith was officially closing all of its stores over an eight week period.

And according to an employee update sent yesterday, clearance sales are set to begin today.

According to the note:

The Receivers have engaged Hilco, and international retail stock realisation specialists (sic), to manage the stock realisation sale and closing process. The sale will commence on Friday 26 February 2016.

You might want to get in there early. These sales tend to get a little bit crazy. We’re not too sure at this stage which video game related products will be on-sale at this point.

If you’re heading in to the store let us know how you went in the comments below.

Our friends over at Lifehacker have broken down everything you need to know about the fire sale: from the discounts on offer to the likelihood of staff members nabbing everything before the sale starts. Click here to read their comprehensive breakdown.


  • I look forward to the follow up article about how all the employees hoarded stock in the backroom. Again.

    • That exactly why I’m not bothering. These only so many times you could be asked going to a DS sale only to discover all the good deals are gone to staff. It’s one of the reasons why they are up the creek and few people ever shopped there. The staff did it to themselves.

  • I don’t know how I feel about this, as if a pack of vultures are just about to swoop in and pick a carcass clean. Didn’t think this would happen to what was a great store for hobbyists.

    • The best case for the employees is that the carcass is devoured one way or the other. The more money that the receivers get the easier it’ll be for employees to get their entitlements.

      I’ve been an employee of a business that shut down…liquidation got us about 70% of our entitlements….had to wait another year to get the rest from the government “FEG” scheme.

  • Waste of time. Same “sale” as before. I guess thy are going to wait as long as they can before throwing stuff out.

    • Last time the closest store had 4TB HDDs for $89, ironman watches reduced from $149 to $19, so there were some definite bargains.
      If anyone sees the logitech PS4 steering wheel super cheap, let me know 🙂

      • Ooh yeah a cheap PS3 controller wouldn’t go astray (long story short someone gave me a PS3 two weeks ago, no power cord – PS2 cord works – no controllers!)

  • Eh, there’s nothing of value left at my local store at this point.
    Not sure why they’ve bothered keeping the doors open these last few weeks.

  • Went in and looked at the Orion Spark keyboard – $189 price tag.

    Ask staff if the price changed at all? Yes it did! It went up.

  • Checked my local, no sale as such visible. Can’t blame staff if they can’t be stuffed repricing stock.

  • I couldn’t see much on special – certainly nothing that was a good price. Is this uniform or are certain stores putting more up than others?

  • Melbourne Emporium is running the store pretty much as Business As Usual. Nothing discounted at all, staff have no capability to discount further.

    • … to further add, spoke with the very friendly (considering the circumstances) staff there for a bit. Suggestion seems to be that prices will continue to fall over the next week, but it’s unlikely that any store would be bothered going around ticketing items (and fair enough, too!)

  • “Hi there. We have what you want. It will drop in price from normal to cheapish in a week, but will it still be here…?” – My local store.

  • Can totally understand why they’ve gone under – upper management excluded of course! – The service is so bad. Went in today and basically got talked down, no movement on price (wanted the G29 wheel) and attitude stunk from my assistant. So my “witty” retort upon leaving stands – that’s why you won’t have a job. Good luck. you will need it dude who “served” me!

  • Dropped into the George St. store on my lunch break.

    20% off Samsung tablets. TVs (which the store had in abundance) were on sale but still seemed a but rich for my blood (not that I’m in the market anyway). Various laptops were on sale at various amounts. 5% of all Apple merch (didn’t seem to incl. iTunes cards though). Saw 2 (standard dick Smith branded) HDMI cables for $20. Hardly any games. The only “current gen” game I saw was Evil Within, everything else was PS3 or Xbox 360 and there wasn’t a great range of those, either. They had an Xbox One demo unit with Lego Marvel Avengers running on it but I didn’t see that game or console on sale anywhere. The only thing that tempted me was a remote control micro-drone for < $20, before I realised there was basically no point to it other than irritating my cats. Which, still, I’ve gotten less useful cat toys for $20.

  • Shepparton store is business as usual, no discounts there. I guess over the coming weeks we will start to see the prices drop

  • Well if its still Ferrier and Hodgeson doing the administrating I wouldnt be holding my breath for your money if your an employee. These guys are criminals and I know by experience. Two years and still waiting for them to wind up a company so I can get my government protected redundancy. Their only interested in leaching every cent they can from the administration.
    Good luck guys. Your going to need it.

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