Dick Smith Selling Xbox Ones For 10% Off -- Today Only

Dick Smith is having an Xbox One sale apparently. And, yes. You're right to be cynical.

Dick Smith has a history of not-quite-so-great video game sales. There was the in-store game sale that was brutally mismanaged, there was the Wii U sale when Dick Smith had a ludicrously small amount of Wii U consoles in stock.

This Xbox One sale, however, is online only. And having just gone through the process (without actually clicking through to buy one) it appears as though it is fairly legitimate.

If you want one, it seems like Dick Smith will sell you an Xbox One, with free delivery, for $538.20. A pretty good price.

Via Ozbargain.


    I'll wait till it's $188, thats how much i'd pay for any console.
    Over $500 is overrated.

    Xbox One 10% off, implying that everyone wants an Xbone.
    You should have stated Xbone and PS4 10% off. Kotaku editors have some epic bias.

      It must so difficult being a PS4 fan with all this unfair coverage and bias towards it. PS4 is such an underdog at the moment.

        I do not have a bias for playstation or xbox, Hence why I called biasism. get your shit right.

      I'd say its more likely to be poor journalism than bias. I doubt Serrels was even aware that the PS4 was 10% off, since he got the story from Ozbargain, where a user only mentioned the Xbox deal, not the PS4 deal. Still, half a story is better than no story, or is it?

        Haha on front page of Ozbargain gaming section is the Ps4 deal, you have to click on new to see the Xbox One deal...

          Ah, I only followed the link he posted in the article, which is Xbone. I'm guessing someone tipped him off and sent him the exact same link :-)

    That bring the PS4 under $499, which I reckon should be its natural price. Yum!

      It is $499 RRP in USA. :P

      Also, damn, Thursday dispatch for PS4! Everyone should get on this ASAP.

    72 dollars for PS4 games is a bargain, tempted to pick up Assassins Creed IV.

      They were $69 on release, COD was $64 a couple weeks ago too. $72 is indeed good for now though.

        It's a joke that digital downloads of Xbox One games are more expensive than the physical copies.

        Still anything lower than the buy price of $90 is a bargain.

        Edit: Just realised EB have it for 79 and I can get it for 67 from them with staff discount. Plus DSE want 5 dollars shipping :/

        Last edited 11/02/14 12:22 pm

    $64 for PS4 controller is the best price for local retailer. In fact, it's lower than ozgameshop (imported). Xbine controller is $64 too.

      $10 delivery to my city....kinda kills the mood.

    Ok done, apparently my PS4 will be shipped this Thursday (i'm not holding my breath) Either way, I've saved $50 so I'm happy with that.

    Big thumbs up Mark, I never would have known about the offer if you didn't post the story.

      Says shipping thursday, but the actual item description says 1 March. :\

        The site has been updated saying that the Thursday shipment allocation is exhausted and the next will be March. I made my order earlier on before it changed, but who knows, maybe this was a way to spark interest and get more preorders for DS, there may be no Feb shipment at all. Oh well, I'll find out soon I'm sure.

    Both still overpriced.

      I'm surprised to find this comment so far down the list...

      As far as I know, they are around the same price as a computer built with similar parts.

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