Dick Smith Is Selling The PS4 For $488

Dick Smith Is Selling The PS4 For $488

Dick Smith is currently throwing an ‘Hour of Power’ sale with new bargains springing up on its website every 60 minutes. Current deals include the PlayStation 4 for $488 with free shipping. There are also some tempting Xbox One and iPhone offers to check out.

Until 8pm tonight (or until stocks run out), you can get the Xbox One Titanfall bundle from Dick Smith for $548. As mentioned, the PlayStation 4 can also be snapped up for $488, which is one of the cheapest deals currently offered in Australia.

Other noteworthy deals include the iPhone 5C 32GB for $769, the Go Pro hero3+ black editon for $428, Watch Dogs on PS4/Xbox One for $60 and Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4/Xbox One for $60.

You can check out the rest of the online deals by paying a visit to Dick Smith’s website.


  • In one of the only showings of self control I’ve ever managed around gaming, I’m quite proud that I’m holding off on buying an XB1 or PS4 until there’s a decent library of games. This sale will not phase me.

    Come the Master Chief collection/Uncharted 4 release though, I’ll break like balsa.

    • I consider these standard prices though since Dick Smith literally has a sale every week.

      Kudos to you for waiting though! Prices will only get lower but I think I may also break and get an Xbox One around the end of the year 😛

  • Considering that EB has the X1 + 3 games bundle for $498 ($100 cheaper than the PS4 + 3 games bundle and $50 cheaper than the PS4 in AU)… Yeah. Dick Smith has the only ‘humane’ price in AU imo, not to be over dramatic but we get screwed over.

    Edit: JB also. We are the only place the X1 is actually cheaper than the PS4. Everywhere else (After the price drop/ removal of kinect) they are about the same. Oh well, makes it easier for me to get an X1 eventually though (It’s the only new console I still need)

  • Dick Smith has the best console deals. Word of warning, their customer service is fucking atrocious. I ordered the PS4 + NBA 2K14 combo a few weeks ago at this price but their dodgy Star Track courier didn’t even bother with delivery. I know because I took a half day shift to be at home to receive it (it’s difficult for me to pick up items at the post office due to business hours) and there wasn’t a ring, just a note in the letter box of ‘unsuccessful delivery.’

    I sent them an email complaining about the courier because I’ve had this problem before with another store using Star Track, so they know this is a problem and consider using a different carrier. I was going to pick the thing up from the post office the weekend following that.

    Dick Smith got back with the typical PR apology and stated that they had the item returned to their warehouse (what!), further delaying the order. Five days later, there was still no dispatch notification so I sent them another email asking for updates and they replied with ‘hi, we’ve forwarded your refund to X department.’ Okay, I sent them another email ‘no, I did NOT ask for a refund, I just wanted a status update’ which they responded with ‘your parcel has been dispatched.’ Thankfully! So I wind up picking up the parcel last week and… it’s only the game. They’re mailing them out separately for some reason. The console still hasn’t arrived… and the order was placed on the 26th. I’d excuse them if they were using bots or something, and I generally don’t care where companies outsource these customer service jobs but goddamn, at least do your job.

    • I’d agree with you on the customer service. I purchased a phone through them last year and it died shortly before a year had even passed since purchase. They refused to acknowledge their responsibility for the phone and tried to divert me to the manufacturer all the time. After persistent badgering, they finally agreed to send the phone for inspection for a major fault, despite the phone being completely unusable. However, they didn’t actually inspect it at all, sending it straight to repair for nearly 8 weeks and they did not apologise at all for the long wait, despite a guarantee of 10 days for it to be returned to me. Even after the repair, it wasn’t working fully, so I sent it back to the repair agent. A week later, I found that Dick Smith had terminated my warranty, citing water damage that I hadn’t caused.
      Their customer service was absolutely atrocious, like you’ve stated and they were very inconsistent in what they kept telling me to do in addition to being very rude. I don’t know who employs these monkeys but even the manager was just as poor at conducting his business.
      So after weeks and weeks of being dicked around (pun intended) I finally pulled the trigger on my threat to contact the Fair Trading Office and I personally handed them a letter of complaint. The stupid manager was quiet for once and ‘tried’ to be helpful (possibly because of the two other customers in the store), but he didn’t even seem to recognise what he was meant to do with the letter. He actually offered to send the letter to Fair Trading on my behalf. PFFT! As if I needed him to send a letter. So I just said ‘Fair Trading told me to give this to you. So don’t you dare lose it.’ The old lady who was about to buy something kinda twitched when she heard that.
      Long story short, I’m never dealing with Dick Smith again.

  • My argument is… I own the Wii U, Xbox One etc. Why even bother to buy the PS4? Majority of good games go cross platform. For Killzone? It received fairly poor reviews. Theres not much games that would sway me. If my Previous PS3/PS1 Collection was readily available to play then I’d bite

    • TLOU remastered and Uncharted 4. Was more than enough for me. I was always going to get all the consoles this gen though.

      • PS4 for Playstation+ really, and the game lineup at E3 for the PS4 impressed me more than those for the XB1 for the most part.

        • I picked the ps4 a couple of weeks ago and looked at the instant games collection… 1 indie game. Immeditaley regreted bothering with ps+. Its a pity really as the games offered on ps3 were amazing.

          Oh well I should have looked, but was full of confidence from my exposure to ps+ on ps3. Too late now… Hopefully I get into the Destiny Alpha. Then it’ll be worth it.

    • Uncharted 4 swings me to Sony. But ill probably end up buying am Xbox1 cheap for Halo.

  • Id still wait till end of year/2015 before i get one. Not worth it until Uncharted 4, Assassins creed 5, Batman, MGS5, Far cry 4 arrive.

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