Bargain Hunter: Brütal Legend Price Decapitation

Stop work right now. Call your nearest Dick Smith Electronics store. Ask them if they have Brütal Legend on PS3 in stock. If yes, go there immediately and buy it.


Because it's only $15 during Dick Smith's current crazy-arse sale.

And because Brütal Legend is pretty damn awesome.

It's not the only game to receive a drastic mark down though, so check out the link below for the full list.

Dick Smith Sale [PALGN, via Ecogamer]


    i picked it up for 30 bucks on 360 at the same store- worth the extra 15 bucks!

    I managed to get Bioshock 2 for $15 becuase the lady put the Bioshock 1 sale sticker on it by accident, hells yes!!

    It's $15 on Dick Smith now? Damn... I bought it a week or so ago from there and it was $30. Still... brilliant game... shame the single player was so criminally short. But the soundtrack more than makes up for any shortcomings...

    Can't second this enough. I bought it on day one and didn't regret plunking down the $80 odd or whatever it was - so if you see it for $15, BUY IT. The single player alone is worth it.

      "The single player alone is worth it."

      Hah it better be the bloody multiplayer does not work!

      But Agreed I bought it on release and reckon it was totally worth it!

        It does if you can wrap your head around it, which isn't easy. But yeah, there are some cheap unit combos that most enemies can't handle, and the difficulty curve is ridiculous. But it is playable if you can grasp it. Unfortunately, it was a bit much for me. ^^

          Yeah, I played it to get the multiplayer trophies but haven't gone back to the online was always a bit buggy, and for me the story trumped all.
          The singleplayer has enough of the stage battles to be fun, but broken up with other gameplay aspects. If I have the urge to play a multi-game, I'm unstrategic enough to have fun just playing the Brütal AI :)

    I saw it for $8 at Game

    Crazy sales are crazy. Dick Smith, GAME and Steam are conspiring against me in an effort to empty my wallet and starve me to death.

      Yeh, everyone's going sale crazy at the moment, EB's also in the fray.

    Thanks for the tip wildgoose-your awesome! I just scored me the latest Ratchet and Clank for $20.

    If anyone hasn't played Brutal Legend then do youself a favour and buy it now.

    I got MGS4 from Dick smith for $20. so yeah some pretty cheap stuff.

    Would buy it if there was a Wii version :P

    Happily picked up a $30 Red Steel 2 bundle, and $15 for GH Metallica made me think ", why not".

    Picked it up 2 months ago new and sealed for $10 in harvey normans sale. bloody good game i reccomend it.

    found ratchet & clank: crack in time for $20. picked it up instantly..awesome deals going on in each dse store..

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