Does This Mean Metal Gear Solid: Rising Is Coming To Vita?

We've heard rumours before that Konami would be releasing Metal Gear: Rising on the PlayStation Vita handheld in addition to home consoles. This page from the Vita presentation during the AT&T Developer Summit looks to reveal that in addition to the other franchises we already knew about (including Bioshock and Call of Duty), Metal Gear Solid: Rising will also be coming to the Vita.

Given the game's focus on Raiden and his super-sharp sword, this certainly seems like it'd be a good fit for the Vita's swipe screen. We've reached out to Konami for comment and will update if and when we hear back.

The image in question, via superannuation.


    That's a lot of third party games and IP. Good to see.

    I think this is just a very shitty poster. I mean, why would 'Lumines: Puzzle Fusion' be on a PS Vita poster when Lumines Electronic Symphony is already out on Vita?

      That makes sense, maybe they were referring to the other MGS games

    I'm thinking that's an old graphic, considering the entire wording and look of the title of the next Metal Gear game has been altered.

      It's a powerpoint presentation from Jan. Was probably put together early Dec 2011. Might have something to do with it?

        Definitely, but why is the article itself still referring to it under the obsolete name?

    To bad the game was canned, then picked up by someone else and have them completely destroy every awesome aspect of this game..

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