Final Fantasy Characters Are Now Modelling Italian Clothes

Final Fantasy characters sure are stylish. Maybe it's their razor thin body types. Or the hair. But they look like models. And now, they don't only look like them, they are.

The latest issue of Japanese men's fashion mag Arena Homme Plus features Final Fantasy XIII-2 characters modelling Prada's summer collection. These are clothes for men; however, the spread features Final Fantasy female protagonist, Lightning.

But hey! Gender bending isn't a first for Final Fantasy or Japanese fashion, for that matter.

異色コラボが実現! ライトニングら『FFXIII-2』のキャラがプラダの2012年春夏メンズコレクションのモデルに [Famitsu]


    Oh man, I love this. I personally don't care for the specific clothes, but I -love- the idea of using game characters as models.

    I mean, hey, if we're objectifying images of people in the first place...

    Arena Homme Plus is an European mag.

    I'm oddly comfortable with this.

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