First Look At Massive Online Shooter Defiance

Trion's Defiance, the platform-agnostic shooter-MMO that Stephen Totilo saw at E3, promises to deliver open-world action with thousands of simulataneous players. It's also supposed to sync with an in-development SyFy TV series, so that developments in the game affect the show. That's a tall order, right?

We've seen nothing of the TV show yet but the trailer above debuted at Pax East offers a glimpse at what the gameplay will look like. In the future, Earth has a bad case of the crabs and — when they're not fighting each other — humanity will have to crush those crustaceans. Why is it always crabs?


    "Why is it always crabs?"

    Indeed... it looks like a total mish-mash of game genres and art styles. First glance is terrible. Hope it is better than first glance.. also hope it is available in Australia..

    Geez, hasn't history taught us anything? You flip them on their back and then strike their weakpoint for massive damage. It's a true story.

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