Syfy's Defiance Looks Like Resistance With Elves

We may not have heard about Defiance the video game since E3, but Syfy is still forging ahead with the TV show based on the property, releasing this new commercial for the series during New York Comic Con this weekend.

Long ago conceived as a series where an MMO and a TV show would co-exist, the idea was that the game's players could influence the course of events on the show.


    I'm cautiously optimistic about this, but I imagine that unless you're an American resident, you're really not going to get much out of the "Game influences the series influences the game" aspect of it. I also have a suspicion that each aspect is going to hold back the other from being a truly engaging entity, like anime that don't really start being good until they stop trying to copy the manga verbatim. Still, I guess that's why people with much more money than I are trying it out first to hopefully pave the way for the next generation of interactive storytelling.

      actually, the best anime is the one that either sticks faithfully to the manga or the ones that use the same setting and characters but set out with a completely different story from the start. The crap ones are the ones that add a lot of nonsense filler, and yet still tries to stick to the manga, because they end up with having to rewrite the parts taken from the manga to include characters/references to the filler and then the whole thing falls apart e.g. Bleach.

    I can't believe we've allowed them to use the word "syfy".

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