Forget Nerd Rap. Here's Hardcore Fighting Game Rap

There's a common complaint with a lot of nerd rappers, and it's one I for the most part agree with: that weak production and sloppy rhymes often get a pass because of the subject matter.

Not here.

This is freestyle rapper Surgeon General showing that he can go through the Mortal Kombat roster on the run, throw in some guns, blood, take a sharp left into Street Fighter avenue and just keep on going.

A warning if you're at work or there are kids around: this is very NSFW.

[thanks King_Krunk!]


    The common complaint I have with a lot of rappers is their need to drop continuous F-Bombs and the "N Word" for the sake of it.

      I think they use those words in the same way we use "um" in normal conversation - it's a filler word, and also helps with timing.

    That's ridiculously good!

      Abso-fuckin-lutely! That's totally killer! Love it!

    Was that a joint or a newport he was smoking at the beginning?

    I really didn't expect such a good flow. Great video!

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