Getting Lost In Super Mario RPG's Forest Maze

I'll admit it: I've never played Super Mario RPG. But when I heard its theme music played in that amazing medley FreddeGredde did earlier this week, I thought "Wow, that is a great melody!"

And so I looked it up. And so it is, a very good melody. Composed by Yoko Shimomura, it holds up despite the fact that I've never played the game. And hey, look at that, Shinmomura also did the music to Kingdom Hearts, another game whose soundtrack I like though I haven't played it.

Hmm, maybe I should play some the games Yoko Shimomura has scored.

Or just listen to her music online...


    The forest maze wasn't that bad, the sewer level was when I lost interest.

    I quite enjoyed SMRPG:LOTSS, sort of a nice cross between Final Fantasy and Paper Mario.
    Was quite hard to get a copy of though.

    how could you have NOT have played Super Mario RPG??? lol
    but seriously, it shouldn't be passed. It's short and sweet and very entertaining.

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