How That One Deus Ex: Human Revolution Track Made It On My "Repeat" Playlist

Kirk has already highlighted the soundtrack from last year's Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but I think it's worth reiterating just how amazing one particular track was.

I first heard "Icarus," Michael McCann's main theme from Human Revolution, when it was revealed for the game's E3 trailer. It fit the trailer so well, making the dramatic moments even more dramatic, and emphasising the dire situation in the fictional future it portrayed. I knew it had to be made available as an mp3 sooner or later, and lo and behold the overwhelming fan reaction to the piece left Square Enix with no other choice but to offer it. And they offered it for free. What gracious gents.

I threw it on my iPod and instantly knew it'd make the cut for my "repeat" playlist. I like to tire the hell out of my favourite tracks, and my making playlist for all the songs I like to put on repeat helps me to do so.

It's appropriate that "Icarus" is the main theme for Human Revolution, because it could fit literally every moment I remember playing — viewing a sprawling city and towering corporate buildings, punching through walls with unique arm augmentations, or piling up dead bodies for fun. "Icarus" adds a sense of intensity that was the final sell on the atmosphere and experience that Eidos Montreal had created.

But the other part of what makes "Icarus" a favourite track of mine is that it still exists as a great song outside of the medium it was born into. It's a song I can appreciate regardless of whether or not it's being played along with the orange and black scheme of one of my favourite games from last year.

It starts slow, separate beats playing on top of each other, before slowly adding in a female's voice that feels like what a "modernized" opera singer would sound like. It reminds me of the singing in the Gladiator soundtrack, and emulates a similar vaguely ethnic feel.

As her voice grows songer, so too does the music. It doesn't just get louder, though. Each tone is strengthened and layered. When I listen to it, I always catch myself drifting off into some awesome daydream where I'm wielding a katana with ninja-like skills, kicking arse (of course), and intermittently transitioning to slow motion (because why not).

I love music for that. It inspires playful thoughts, and lets me get lost in them. And when that daydream is a badass vision like the one that "Icarus" inspires? All the better.


    I have to agree. Similar music in Mass Effect OST which I constantly listen to. Anyone else have some recommendations for this style of music?

      Go listen to the Tron (the new one) OST. It was all done by Daft Punk and for me, it made that film.

        Also a very different style of music but still awesome is the Bastion Soundtracks. Go get em!

        That was another I was going to mention, and yes, without that music that movie would of been so-so

      Clint Mansell's soundtrack to The Fountain is great - similar to this but a little darker and a little more intense.
      I agree with Tron Legacy too - there's a nice remix album out as well which is just as good as the ost
      A little different but just as awesome is Phillip Glass' Mishima OST - particularly the track The Last Day - mind blowing stuff :)

      Also, I'd recommend Hans Zimmer's Inception ost as well - he's done a lot of epic soundtracks but Inception's up there at the top.
      John Murphy's Sunshine ost is great too - check out Surface of the Sun.

      Portal 2

    I got the soundtrack as part of the Collector's Edition I received, it's amazing. I've even snuck parts of it into a couple of DJ sets I've done.

    My disappointment in the soundtrack however is that it's in 320kbps mp3 instead of in .wav or another lossless format and is audibly quieter than the rest of my music that is uncompressed.

    If they release a version on CD I'll pick it up without a second thought.

      I would be keen to hear that actually.

      They have mate and its amazing! It even has 25 tracks versus 12 the that come with the collector's edition. I'd go as far as saying that this is the best VG soundtrack of all time and rivals some bonafide hollywood classics

    completely agree.. My MP3 player randomly chucked it up in the gym the other day and it felt very fitting!

    It wasn't orange, it was yellow. Just like that fantastic Pacman Easter egg you told us all about, Tina.

      Oh, and maybe a link to this free track you just spent 8 paragraphs praising?

    I agree, this thing is amazing. Probably the most played track on my iPod right now.

    I still have it on my phone as well, not bad for a remix of the original theme :)

      Remix is probably the wrong word... Icarus is based off the same sort of arrangement of the original theme. If you listen carefully you can hear the key notes of the 1st games theme being used as the base for the composition.

    Best soundtrack of 2011, yes even above Skyrim in my opinion. Deus EX Human Revolution had a soundtrack that fit the universe so well with the main theme being the icing on the cake. Icarus is also o n my playlist.

    Everybody Lies was my favorite track, but seriously Best Soundtrack of 2011 and probably my GOTY as well after Portal 2

    I can imagine this being played on movie trailers, maybe something from chris nolan??

    Great song, great soundtrack. Just another reason why it's a worthy to successor to my favourite game of all time (Deus Ex, not Invisible War). I still listen to the original Deus Ex soundtrack, that has some awesome tracks on it.

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