I'm Pretty Sure This Star Trek Video Game Trailer Breaks The Prime Directive

The number on rule in Star Trek fiction states that the Federation can't mess with the development of other planets. Looks to me like that whatever planet Kirk and Spock are on is freakin' crumbling. Nevertheless, Starfleet's most famous officers are finally coming back to video games in an new action title developed by Digital Extremes.

Each iconic character will have different abilities in the co-op adventure, but you're not really seeing any of that here. Mostly what you'll see is running and jumping and shooting.

Digital Extremes has a mixed track record so far, having done the multiplayer portion of BioShock 2 and all of The Darkness 2. Still, I'm excited to get to play as everybody's human/Vulcan buddy system. You expect to beam aboard the Enterprise early next year when Namco Bandai releases next year.


    The prime directive didnt exist till after Kirks time, Kirk was one of the main reasons to instigate it tho, this video looks cool :D

    Blackadder is correct. You have failed at geek.

      He also said "Number on rule" :-P Wasn't off to a great start...

      Regardless, I'll end up buying this game because KIRKSPOCKMCCOY, but if I'm honest I have serious doubts about whether or not it'll be decent.

      J.J. Abrams' take on Star Trek is pretty much at the edge of being too 'punchy-shooty' for me to still feel like I'm watching Star Trek. I don't feel like making a Gears of War with pointy ears is going to cut the mustard :-P

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