Mad Magazine Declares iPhones One Of 'The 50 Worst Things In America'

You know how some jokes make you laugh because they feel like they're hitting on some essential truth? That's how Mad Magazine's skewering of Siri and Apple's recent labour woes comes across in these fake ads from the comedy institution's upcoming issue.

The Foxconn scandals degraded some of Apple's vaunted invulnerability and these faux advertisements chart the low points of the manufacturing fiasco into a cutting little micro-fable. If you want to see what else sucks about America, you can pick up Mad Magazine #515 on April 24.


    Oh MAD, don't you ever change. Especially while I read your Apple-skewering issue on my iPad digital edition..

    Wooo 72 hours, at least you don't have to spend any time traveling, try working 16 hour shifts 6 days a week thats 96 hours and i have travel times of at least an hour.

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