Making Pokémon A Little Crazier, A Little More Stylish

I'm not as big on either anime or Pokémon as I used to be, but there are always exceptions. Like when Kiwi artist Tien Lee takes Pokémon and mixes it with the badass Tekkonkinkreet.

Two of these three images get Tekkonkinkreet's style — a '90s manga turned into an amazing 2006 anime — down perfectly, from the bad teeth to the messed up angles. The other is just a nice Pokémon image!

You can see more of Kinkreet's work at his Tumblr and DeviantArt page.


    looks brilliant.

    Looks like pokemon fell into a Gorillaz filmclip :P

    Damn this looks awesome. Fantastic film, saw it at the opera house during the Graphic Festival, and with live music. But if they recreated a pokemon episode or a game or something in this style, I would pre-order a pre-order. But I think the colours could be a little more dry.

    Sweet! Reminds me... who has my copy of Mind Game? I love that movie.

    First one looks like someone hit Ash in the head with a brick fifteen times. What.

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