The Anatomy Of Amazing LEGO Pokémon

LEGO builder Mike Nieves has put together these two awesome Pokémon models, one showing Gyarados ready to bite someone's face off, the other a Magikarp stripped bare to the bones. Literally.

So if you've ever fancied yourself as a Pokémon osteologist, a rare but dignified branch of Pokémonology, take notes.

retinence's photostream [Flickr, via Brothers Brick]


    Wow that is actually pretty cool :D

    Are those LEGOs though?

      Yeah, I can recognise a few Bionicle pieces in there. Can't say much about most of the other pieces though


    Y'know now that I think of it, why hasn't Lego tried to team up with Pokemon yet?

      They're busy making Minecraft Lego.
      Or, you know, Lego.

    Gotta catch em all? Id rather build them all! That looks all kinds of awesome.

    That guys work is incredible! Especially Harley Quinn

      Oh wow... I didn't even think about clicking on the link to see his other stuff :P

      For those who are interested, there's other Pokomans there and this guy is actually amazing, especially that Tiger!

    I advise you all click on his link. I've been following his work since he began, and it's completely astounding.

    I would actually buy that Gyarados..

      You're in luck, he actually commissions them, as well as anything else he's made. Check out his Deviant Art page for details.

    I think the phrase "shut up and take my money" applies here quite well.

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