Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Bonus Weekends Finally Available On PS3

BioWare has been running regular multiplayer bonus weekend events in Mass Effect 3 since March, but until now, PlayStation 3 owners had been unable to participate. An earlier statement from BioWare seemed to point the finger at an issue with approval on Sony's end, leaving players hanging.

However, today BioWare announced that effective this weekend, PS3 players finally now also have access to the same challenges and bonuses that their Xbox 360 and PC-using counterparts do. Players on all three systems need to remember to emable the "upload gameplay feedback" option under settings for their participation in weekend events to count.

No matter how much I personally enjoy the ME3 multiplayer, I'm not sure I'm up to a weekend full of gold-level matches just yet. So I really hope the PS3 players are, because at this point they deserve an event they don't have to sit out.

Piority Update: Operation Exorcist [BioWare Blog]


    Many thanks to Sony and Bioware for finally working this out this issue! I'll be doing my bit this weekend and killing some phantoms!

    Seriously if you want to win a Gold game search for levels against Geth on Firebase White and just follow your team downstairs where there is a perfect camping spot.

    Bringing a Salarian Engineer along will gain you favour as the Hunters and Pyro's will stop going for anyone else as long as your decoy remains in place.

      Make sure you have at least one Infiltrator to revive downed squad mates to to complete objectives when they show up. Quarian Infiltrator is a good choice as they have Sabotage to create further distractions. Intelligently positioning your team and having that team's classes compliment each other to get maximum crowd control with Tech Bursts and Fire Explosions is also handy.

    Can omeone tell me whether the ME3 MP is crossplatform or not?

      No, its the same as with every other game

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