Microsoft Rejects Game Because It Made Toilet Sounds

A Windows phone game, developed by Austrian Christian Zangl, has been blocked from release in China not because it contained contentious political commentary. It's been blocked because it featured the sound of a flushing toilet.

According to Microsoft, that makes it offensive to the Chinese market, and "Content that is offensive in any country/region to which your application is targeted is not allowed."

OK, so Chinese bathroom etiquette is a little different. You won't find toilet paper in many public bathroom stalls, for example. And you often find it's custom to put "soiled" paper in a garbage bin rather than flush it.

But let's be real here: the Chinese dig toilet humour as much of the rest of us. Which Microsoft may have picked up on seeing as the game's available on the Chinese App Store and has a healthy 4-star rating.

Microsoft Rejects Windows Phone Game Because 'Flushing Toilet Sounds' Offend Asians [Game Politics]

(Top photo courtesy of Maxxelli)


    Why is this news? Of course companies have to respect other cultures in the content they allow to be purchased in the region. It's the same reason we don't see Japanese Hentai games in Western markets.

      Just get em off DLsite dood.

    And people bash Nintendo.

    You'd think Microsoft would let this fly, considering how barren their WP7 gaming market is.

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