Mmmmm, Piping-Hot Wall Turkey, Just Like Konami Used To Make

Any gaming gourmet can whip together a piece of cake or a burger. Only the most dedicated have what it takes to make Castlevania-style Wall Turkey. First step, grab a sledgehammer.

We've featured recipes from Daniella Zelli's Gourmet Gaming before, showing readers how to craft their own real-life version of video game treats, but they've all lacked the most important part of the culinary experience: home demolition.

In order to get the total Castlevania turkey experience, you can't just cook a bird. You have to cook a bird, and then stuff it into a massive hole in a wall. For extra added virtual realism, board up the hole with Styrofoam bricks and then use the whip in your bedroom closet to knock them away.

Why no Snacktaku tag for this post? If you need to ask then really need to ask yourself if being a snackster is in your blood. You're more of a Snacklet.

Wall Turkey and More [Gourmet Gaming]


    Um, I believe in the original Castlevania it was a pork chop, not a turkey. Although the graphic made it out to be a ridiculously large pork chop.

      You're right, it was a pork chop. Although I always preferrec the phrase 'wall chicken'.

    I prefer the Tekken side-scrolling beat-em-up Ground Chicken


      That voiceover guy was so hardcore about his chicken. Chickens is srs bizness yo!

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