On May 1, A New Call Of Duty Game Will Be Revealed

A new Call of Duty game reveal? Already? It's OK. I'm as shocked/speechless/breathless as you are.

Activision has updated Call of Duty's official site with a new splash page saying that, on May 1, there'll be a "World Reveal". Given the increasing buzz/chatter flying around it's probably for either Black Ops 2 or, as was rumoured over the weekend, Call of Duty: Eclipse. And that's it! Tease over.

Well, almost. Logo fetishists may notice that the series has a new logo, going for a more "military stencil" look than has been previously been used. Lending the "it's not Black Ops 2" argument a little more weight.

Call of Duty [Official Site]


    So...you're not shocked/speechles/breathless at all? Good to know.
    I'm bored of CoD.

    People who hate on call of duty are mostly wrong, because they are hating on a good game that happens to be popular and releases an game every year without any major changes, but then again its a Franchise, they aren't suppose to change everything each edition.

    So Instead of hating on Call of Duty for being Call of Duty, hate on all these Call of Duty clones, because if you focus your wide spread hate onto those games, maybe they will stop making those inferior products. EA's Mediocre Honor : Generic Fighter is one of those games that shouldn't get all the praised because its simply an "Call of Duty" esk game thats not Call of Duty, which shouldn't get any praise at all because all its doing is trying to cash in the Call of Duty games and not really try and make a good game.

      CoD is a decent game, but it's basically the same game every year, and that's what annoys people. Kids love it though, my 13 year old brother plays it every day with his friends.

        hrmm.. didn't CoD get a MA15+ rating?

          Hence why the SA government wants MA 15+ restrcited games to be purchased by 18 and over. To try and prevent this from occuring. It wont work though, as discussed in previous article that brought the news... Parents will always cave to the 6-14 yo's. Or, big brother has it, and little brother whines till mum/dad lets little play as well.

          Having a younger brother and sister, I was not allowed to stay up late or watch the M15 + stuff until i moved out of home for uni, so that my brother and sister couldnt pull any "but why does he get too". But my parents are a very very very small minority.

            I agree with you except on 1 point.. you're not much of a parent if you cave into a 6-14yo about having access to any kind of media that could POTENTIALLY harm you. What's next, "DAAAAAAD.. I want a glock so I can shoot my buddy because he knifed me in CoD"

            I'm a parent, and I don't really care about rating, yes it gives me a guide to what to expect but I make the final call on what's suitable and what's not. And all those comparisons with "I played XX when I was young and i'm fine".. I don't buy that because the violence gets more and more explicit as we accept it.

              Agreed, and that to me is how I will raise my son (currently 13 months old). If he wants to play/or watch something that is not rated suitable for him. I will watch movie/complete game myself to ensure I am 100% aware of what he will be viewing, and if I need to teach him about any messages it is trying to convey.

              Which is what is wrong with the internet savy youth of today. All finding porn and watching it before they have their first sex ed in school.

              Technology is advancing, but not the way in which we teach our kids to the content they see,

          Yeah but it's not a gory game. He'll be fine.

            I played Devil May Cry when I was 11 and I turned out fine lol.

        Medal of honour came out a few years before call of duty so isn't the cashing in comment a bit of a stretch? Also, even if people hate the game for whatever reason, it shouldn't affect you personally. Calm down. It's a game.

      Its a popular game. I wouldnt necessarily call it good though.

      I guess you could call it good though, in the same sense that youd call twilight good.

      (Note: I hate twilight, but you cant deny its popularity with a certain demographic)

      The problem is that Call of Duty has in itself become one of the Call of Duty clones you criticise.

    And on that day, not a single fuck was given

    :--P nah, these days they may as well use the old sports-game system "CoD 2012, now with a different player roster and slightly updated mechanics".

    I have heard rumours this is actually something outside of the usual cod games. Obviously a lot of rumours around. but one of them is that this is a break from the traditional style of cod since...well forever. I do know that other studios have been commission in the past to do spin off games in the cod franchise.

    I was about to type Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, except I held down the shift button and it came out as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare $.

    Close enough.

    i wont be interested in it unless they update the engine.

      lol, good luck with that one, I don't expect a new engine until the new console generation and even then it might take them a few attempts...

        Yea, I've given up on expecting anything from Activision/Treyach/IW. to call something a 2nd sequel id expect some sort of upgrade instead of a downgrade... just sayin

    Tell you what I won't be, won't be good for starters CODs gone down hill since COD4. Won't be MW4 cause the Modern Warfare trademark is being disputed in court between former IW and Activision. I reckon it will be Black Ops 2 more than anything , though they were going to give games 2 years Dev period, but seeing that CODs predicted to fail this year coming up against Halo 4 (on Xbox) they might skip the 2 year development to grab cash before the franchise dies

      I dont get the cod/halo comparison. Totally different games.

      The dispute with the IW guys was going on before mw3 so that would have no impact on wether it would be a mw4 or not.

    Call of duty 1 waz the best hope they bring back ww2 or do vietnam that would be great

    I bet this Call of Duty will have guns and bad dudes in it.

    I have a theory.

    CoD is no longer a FPS. It has transcended genres.

    CoD is a sports game. Every year, it comes out slightly updated, with some new features - while keeping it familiar enough for fans to jump right into - while everyone wanting to continue playing the 'sport' must buy the new game ala Fifa, Madden, or any other sports game.

    There. I said it. It becomes much easier to accept CoD when you realise it's no longer a FPS.

    I hope they label the screenshots clearly so I can tell when I'm looking at the "new" game as opposed to their previous ones

    Jo dawg...... I herd you liek announcements........

    If someone is surprised that they are releasing a new one, they do make the most money of any game every year and it's still increasing (but I think we're coming into the decline of CoD)

    If someone hates that they're making a new one, I bet you won't play it so you shouldn't really even have an opinion. Sure something "new" would be good but if their formula is working so well, why change. Saw a comment a while back: If a sequel changes from the original then people rage that it changed too much. If it's only had a small update to the formula, it's too similar. It's a sequel to Black Ops (we think) but the multiplayer will be largely the same so if you know what to expect, either like that it should be a bit refined or simply ignore it because you won't want to play it so you shouldn't have an opinion.

    Tl;dr money is the reason there's a new cod, deal with it.

      "Their formula is working well, why change?"

      How about, I've already played this game 4 times, why would I be dumb enough to buy it?

    OMG new 'Y', so fresh!

    All i care about is nazi zombies... didnt play blackops camp or deathmatch just zombies.... that game is awesome!!! It needs a stand alone release.

    Lets see what happens. I do hope they come up with something completely renewing.
    Loved MW2 and Black ops to death. I just haven't picked up MW3 now for a few months already,
    while I used to play the other two every day.

    Lol yea cod1 graphics were amazing that's why we all fell in love with cod. But now nazi zombies is what keeps me interestd. Although the maps are getting worse I still love it.regarding the above opinions I think kids 10 -14 should not play.(annoying!)and blck ops was atleast decent it could have used better graphics weapons and kill streaks other than that I can't even see this series ever getting old its war. Who doesn't love war.lollike weirdos like ff13 or wat ever you can expect cod13. Another why would u ever compair halo-cod??

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