Rambo: Last Blood, The One Where Rambo… Gives His Comeuppance?

Rambo: Last Blood, The One Where Rambo… Gives His Comeuppance?
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What the hell, Peter Javidpour? Using Molyjam 2012 to show a kinder, gentler side to beef stick hero Rambo? What… what sort of genius is this? The hugging sort, that’s what.

Rambo: Last Blood is about hugging. And that’s all I’m going to tell you, because any further explaining would result in big, dirty spoilers. We hate those.

What I will say is, of all the ways you’d think Rambo might ultimately cop it, Rambo: Last Blood presents you with the least likely possibility, given the jungle environs.

It’s not very long — I got through it in a couple of minutes — but the comedy value makes up for its length. The ending could have been more fulfilling, but perhaps I didn’t get the good one — someone claiming to be the creator commented on IndieGames that there are two endings. Perhaps together, we can find both.

Rambo: Last Blood [Javidpower, via IndieGames]


  • I finished it 3 times, once missing one, the next getting all and finally getting none.
    The Valhalla thing flashes a bit more when you get all, but still not much of an ending.

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