Remember This?

Man, I can't believe you folks picked yesterday's effort. Well done to those who got it — Way of the Exploding Fist II. Nice job. Have a bash at this — can you remember this game from one single screenshot?


    Garfield: Caught in the act

    that has to be Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom arcade game.

        Congrats MoVENTURA. Looks like you've got it

          Yay, spent my early childhood trying to find any 20c piece I could get my hands on to play that game.

        7 Minutes!

    monster bash.

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom for sure.

    woh 7 minutes...

      Yeah what took them so long! This is a Serrels screenshot, it should be under a minute!

        Would have been faster, but I had to finish working before jumping on Kotaku ;)

    Lost Vikings

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