Road Blaster, You Have Stolen My Heart

It's not often I come across a game I've never even heard of, but that happened yesterday with Road Prosecutor. Which means, yes, I'd never heard of its arcade original Road Blaster either. Man, I wish I had. All these years I've wasted without having seen this clip.

So, first things first: Road Blaster was a 1985 arcade game using laserdisc technology. Meaning, like Dragon's Lair, you weren't really playing the game at all, you were just making decisions at certain points of an animation spinning on the disc.

It was later released on a ton of consoles in Japan, from the MSX to the Saturn to the PlayStation, but it only made the trip to the West on two machines: the Sega CD (where it was known as Road Avenger) and LaserActive (where it was called Road Prosectors).

The video above mixes audio from the American Sega CD edition with the PlayStation version's intro. It is wonderful.


    Aww man when I read that headline I thought it was a remake of Road Blasters, the old Atari arcade driving/shooting game. Which was most definitely a "real" game, not one of those Dragons Lair-esque abominations.

    Man, I loved Road Blasters.

    Sounds like Trey Parker doing the vocals!

      Its sounds like the j-pop Bruce Springsteen, er sorry the "BOSS".

    My friend in primary school had Road Avenger. Fuck the haters, it was awesome.

    the video says "©1984... DATA EAST CORP"

    Is that actual gameplay footage at the end of the video? coz if so, looks like it might actually have been fun to play too.

    Can happily say I played and still own this on SEGA CD. It was great! It got quite difficult and stressful!

    Well at least when I was 10 years old...

    Im surprised you hadn't heard of this. It was one of the biggest attractions to the sega cd and it was the reason I bought a sega cd. Imagine graphics that looked like a tv cartoon on my home wow. This game was the shit, at least for the 2 hours it took you to finish it after buying it.

    You should check out the old "technocop" chestnut... On Amiga of

    champion post ... found this through google ... AWW YEAH.

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