Skype Comes To The PS Vita Today

I remember the day I heard that the PSP would be able to use Skype. "This is the future," I thought "My portable games console will become my phone." Little did I realise that it was the other way around. I never used Skype on my PSP not once, so is the announcement that the PS Vita will today gain the ability to utilise Skype video and voice calling an important one? Or is it just another application most of us will never use?

Obviously, it's up for debate but from the above video — despite its infomercial feel (loosen up Fatal1ty!) — it actually has a lot of cool functionality. The ability to multi-task, playing games while chatting, for example, is interesting — as is the ability to switch to rear and front cameras on the fly.

I guess it all depends on how intensely you use Skype. I'm not a heavy user, so it seems extraneous to me, but what about you guys?

Skype Coming To PlayStation Vita On 25 April [PlayStation Blog]


    it took not even 2 months to come onto the vita, but over a year to come to windows phone!

    Youtube is next.

      unlikely at the moment. No flash, and HTML 5 is very limited, i don't think it has the video codec required, though i would assume can be rectified with a FW update?

    It's not on the au store?

      Wait till the EU store update later tonight/ early tomorrow morning

    It's still not on the AU store... WHEN IS IT COMING!?

    Also, just remember if you have the 3g Vita, and Skype credit, this basically turns the Vita into a phone.

    its not in the app store from australia!! help!!

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