Tell Us, Dammit!

EA have been voted the worst company in America. When you think of what other companies exist in the US, this news is both baffling and depressing.

If you were to ask me which company I think should be voted the worst, I would probably name an oil or mining company, or a weapons manufacturer. Heck, I'd even list a pharmaceutical company before listing EA!

So here's a question: Do you think EA is deserving of this (dis)honour? Which company — US-based or otherwise — do you think deserves the title of being The Worst?

All I have to say is if selling first-day DLC is viewed as such an enormous crime then our world needs to rethink its priorities.

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    Damn I hate being such an entitled gamer!

    EA is horrible. Nothing you say about them will change that fact.

    Keep defending a company that could give less of a shit about you though you mindless drones.

    That's for Westwood and Bullfrog you bastards.

      I would rather a company not care about me than actively try to deprive me of my home when they have no legal standing to do so (i.e. repossess my home when I am actively repaying my mortgage).

      No one is defending EA?

        Don't you know Azza? You're either with us or against us! Shades of grey can suck it!

    I don't get the people saying this is too far. Sure, there are objectively worse companies, no doubt. But this was a subjective vote. EA is certainly the worst company I've had to deal with in the last year.

    On top of the nickel and diming, which gives me the shits, they also lost all my dlc in their online system (the one just before origin). They refused to help me, and that was after going to astonishing lengths just to get them to return my emails (I called their office number).

    To people saying this shows the sense of entitlement amongst gamers. W T F? Is entitlement inherently a bad thing now? Damn right I feel entitled, I give them money and I don't get the service or quality of product I would expect for the amount I'm paying. I've basically learnt my lesson after ME3. I'm done with this company, which is getting tough as I haven't bought a Ubisoft or Activision game in four years either.

    Looks like I'm pretty much exclusively an Indie man now.

    I'm surprised we haven't had more heartfelt outpouring over Dragon Age 2's "recycled environments" in this post.

    People calling gamers entitled when its their money they are spending. What ever happened to the customer is always right? How can you actually say that a customer is entitled when they are the ones paying for the product?

    Worst company in America, probably not. But from a consumer standpoint, they are definitely the most hated in recent memory. Which is why this result was an pretty natural outcome. Besides, BoA have won the award for the last few years anyways.

    "All I have to say is if selling first-day DLC is viewed as such an enormous crime then our world needs to rethink its priorities."

    An online vote represents the opinions of the entire world/country?

    BoA foreclosed on people not paying their debts. Sure the bank probably shares some responsibility for the default by loaning more than they should, but it's a complicated situation and crying foul at evictions doesn't even come close to the issue.

    BoA is also a victim, of the economic climate created by 25-year-old bankers at places like GSJBWere inventing and flipping toxic assets.

    So I'd vote for an investment bank.

      BoA also forclosed on people who WERE paying their debts. THAT is why they are far more evil than EA could LITERALLY ever be.

        That's pretty unusual. Have you got a link for that?

          You should check out the movie Inside Job, it goes into detail about all this stuff quite a bit.

          Banks were giving out loans to people they knew wouldn't pay then taking out massive insurance on the loan assuming it would fail and they would get the insurance payout.

          They were selling something to the customer then betting on it failing behind their back.

            I prefer the movie Inside Man. It had Clive Owen! :P

    Considering they've helped give me Mass Effect, Battlefield, Hot Pursuit, SSX, The Old Republic, Dead Space, Dragon Age, Crysis, Fight Night, Bulletstorm, Rock Band, Mirrors Edge, Skate and many other games I've loved over the years I'm inclined to say it's probably a bit harsh.

      EA didn't do a thing except acquire the developers of each thing you mentioned. They are a publisher you know. Those games would exist even without them (and perhaps even in a far better, non-rushed state).

        Lol, right, well you've sure told me how it is! You clearly understand the games industry like a legend and can predict the fortunes of each developer had an alternate reality existed. Good for you.

    I haven't seen the word "entitled" used this much until EA started putting it through it's press releases to all the sites which rely on it's advertising money and early releases. Way to be drones, kids.

    This article is a complete joke. The poll was intended to consumers and they do not deal with weapon and mining companies. They weren't even on the list.

    And to those saying that Comcast or Bank of america deserved to win, just think a little. You are no t forced to use neither of them and there are other companies in the market that offer similar services. I didn't had any choice to what EA has done to gaming market. I didn't have any choice when they decided to put down to death Westwood, Bioware and several other companies.

      This isn't an article. It's a regular conversation starter post on Kotaku AU.

      You have a choice: stop buying their bloody games.

      And it's not an article!

    Polls are imperfect. However EA are horrible and this is backlash for their poor treatment of customers.

    Lol. You gotta love angry nerds. This is one reason I avoid labels such as "gamer" like the plague. Don't want yourself lumped in with these fuckin' loony tunes. I do wonder what will get "gamers" all butthurt next. What company or individual will find themselves in the firing line of these noble keyboard warriors?

      Ones that make bad products. I've never heard anyone complain about games like Cave Story.

    Maybe they should take this as a sign the more hardcore audience is displeased and do something to try and get them back on their side, for who else does better marketing than your die-hard fans?

    Yes. This was a fair and legitimate poll conducted by a neutral party.
    If you scream about how gamers are entitled and that the poll was rigged, well guess what? Democracy proves that the majority felt EA is worse than BoA. If gamers are entitled I guess that means homeowners are, too.

      Why yes, homeowners are LEGALY entitled not to be foreclosed on when they are paying their debts, thereby fulfilling their obligations under the loan they have with the bank.

      The majority of people who voted, not the majority of people. I highly doubt the sample space of voters shares the exact same percentage of different groups as the global population.

    This is beautiful and I think they do deserve it. OH BTW. If you want EA to really hurt, spread the truth about TOR. How it has a 1 second global delay. How both factions use THE SAME STORYLINE.

    EA invested about 500 million into the game and the servers are underpopulated and they have undercover marketers going around all the sites doing damage control trolling by derailing threads, backing up EA games and their cancerous practices of nickle and diming people while trying to assure people everything is fine with the games.

      A 1 second global delay!? When you encounter a real problem in life, you're gonna be so fucked ..

    Fuck off EA beat Activision in this award.... I disagree with some of the things EA do, in particular on disc "DLC" but craptivision are the biggest money whores in the industry

      Activision shuttered Bizarre Creations. I can't forgive that.

    Also, read the list of companies that were facing off. None of them were weapon manufactures, drug companies or anything of that sort. They're all the types that offer "first world" services to CONSUMERS.

      What's your point? That the title of worst company in America is pretty misleading since it was only based around companies that produce consumer product? Why yes, that's an excellent point.

      Oh, that's not what you meant? Sorry, found it too hard to care.

        Why don't you read the name of the website before you wonder why they don't deal with non-comsumer products like Halliburton?

        The Consumerist. I mean really, it's right there in big bold letters. This is a site that has always dealt with customer service and consumer affairs. You know, the thing that EA has been lacking recently?

        At least with BofA you know they're shady if you read the news. You can hardly do the same with EA as any attempt to criticize how they ripped you off is vehemently defended by the gaming media. The same media that uses strawmen to make it look like people are mad about something trivial as romance options, not accidentally having your account banned on their forum because you posted on a bad thread, causing you to lose access to the game you paid a monthly fee for.

          Also please watch this:

          What a great company! I can't wait to see how else you defend them when clearly they know nothing other than how to rip consumers off and treat them like shit.

    Bank of America has won this poll for the last few years in a row. Everyone knows they're evil (in as much as it's evil to take property from people who who borrowed from you knowing they couldn't afford to pay you back). "Winning" this poll would have done nothing to attract additional attention to them, and they wouldn't have cared anyway.

    On the other hand, EA winning this poll has shone a spotlight on their scummy business practices and mistreatment of their employees. And despite their attempts to nonchalantly dismiss the poll as no big deal, you can bet EA cares about a possible negative PR crisis as they are much more subject to the whims of the market than a bank that the government will bail out of any financial trouble.

    Day 1 DLC, in this instance, is like if a weapons manufacturer sold you a gun, and told you that for an additional charge you could have the firing pin.

    You do know that EA has been sued for pretty much treating their employees like slaves, right? And the fact that they mercilessly buy out and gut the competition, Nickle and Dime loyal customers, introduce spyware, blatantly lie in PR, and some would even say pay off reviewers (TOR comes to mind). They may not be the worst company in America compared to BoA, but just THINK a minute. EVERYONE already knows that the Tobacco Industry, Guns, and Banks are evil. THEY ALREADY KNOW. EA -Needs- to be brought into the spotlight. BoA has won it 4 years in a row, do they care if they won it again? I doubt it. But EA needs to see how their practices are hurting the industry as a whole.

    Mr Lien if your mental capacity is so low that a company is simply evil for "making guns" you have no business in journalism.

      That's Ms. Lien. Your suggestion that Tracey considers gun manufacturers evil is a strawman? What if Tracey just doesn't like guns? Pretty sure that's not a crime, and it would explain why she'd downvote a gun manufacturer, hypothetically speaking.

        Its not a crime, it just shows that you are not very intelligent. Disagreeing with what someone does does not make them evil by default.

          Hi Mr NRA member! It just shows you aren't very intelligent if you've rushed to criticize without even checking whether the person you're criticizing is male or female.

          Tracey didn't say weapons manufacturers are evil just making weapons anymore than she said oil companies are evil just for producing oil (you did notice that weapons manufacturers weren't the only type of company mentioned, didn't you?). But there are well known examples of weapons companies with very iffy practices, just as there are well known examples of oil companies with very iffy practices.

            Well now we know I won the argument if all you can do is name call.

          Again, she never said they were evil, and even if we entertained that assumption how would it make her unintelligent?

          Your strawman argument and ad hominem attacks force me to conclude you're just trolling now. If you're not trolling, then you're extremely poor at constructing or taking part in a rational debate, which is unexpected from someone so eager to make judgements with respect to relative intelligence.

            Lien claims companies are bad based on what they produce instead of the decisions they make.

            "Guns and oil and much more evil than video games!" is the entire argument put forth.

              Relax buddy, it's a throw away comment contrasting a video games publisher against more serious issues. Go and douche somewhere else.

              "Lien claims companies are bad based on what they produce instead of the decisions they make."

              Of course it's based on what they produce! They don't accidentally produce stuff, they do it willingly and on purpose.

                If that is your thought process then you prove my point. Guns are not evil, producing guns is not evil, selling guns is not evil.

                It does not matter if you are making guns, oil, medicine, or candy. All that matters for being a terrible/evil company is what you do with what you produce and how you produce it. For example if you treat your workers poorly like apple does, or if you fire people for a bottom line, or if you plain do illegal things.

                EA steals, lies, insults, and plain hates their customers. They buy companies, run them into the ground for quick cash, and then close the studio and fire everyone. They are destroying peoples lives and setting back the whole industry with their money; They deserve this award.

                If you are judging a company based on the product instead of the company you are mentally deficient.

      "Mr Lien"

      HER mental capacity is low?

        I apologize that I judge people based on what they say instead of what gender they are.

    Breaking News: People who play video games routinely troll online polls!

    L-Block is the best character ever! Moot is the most influential person in the world! Also, delicious marble cake recipes!

    More at 11.

    Ok first of all BoA won 3 TIMES IN A ROW and what did they do? Did they change everything? NOPE they basically said "SCREW IT!" and didn't care. So why nominate a company that doesn't care? This is an informal poll. It's sole purpose is to inform people of a bad company and give the company bad PR so they will hopefully change BoA DIDN'T change so its high time to humiliate another company and make them change

    It's about time gamers struck back for being called "entitled" after we were blatantly lied to about a product when we were promised multiple endings based on our choices, but then got the "Pick your ending" option.

    Sure, you can argue other companies are much worse, but that still doesn't invalidate how many people rose up to say that they were disappointed with how they've been treated by EA: Bent over with our knickers on the floor.

    "If you were to ask me which company I think should be voted the worst, I would probably name an oil or mining company, or a weapons manufacturer. Heck, I’d even list a pharmaceutical company before listing EA!"

    Damn it sure is funny how that guy from EA said that exact same thing on twitter. EA is getting what they deserve, they've screwed over customers left and right and sites like this one help them cover it up. This is going to continue and there is nothing they can do about it. All the counter claims and arguments don't matter they are being exposed and made a mockery of. DEAL WITH IT.

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