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This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question...

Now that E3 has (more or less) wrapped up again for another year, how do you think it went? Who were the winners and losers? Were you surprised by anything? Which games get your Best and Worst of Show and why?

I'm still a little bit undecided myself. I think Nintendo probably "won" in the sense that their announcements generated the most buzz, but I find myself strangely unexcited by the 3DS, Skyward Sword etc. Microsoft dropped the ball terribly with their Kinect presentation, and Sony ... well, what did Sony do again? To be honest, the only PS3 game from the show that I'm even remotely interested in is Twisted Metal. As for Best and Worst of Show, I'm gonna have to go with Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the former, and ... hm ... maybe Kinect for the latter? I mean, I don't have anything against the device per se, but god, that presentation was just embarrassing. What were you thinking, MS?


    Perhaps I didn't follow it closely enough this year but I've been left feeling underwhelmed.

    That said, the sheer excitement that the released Portal 2 videos has provided me has more than made up for that.

    Yo... GlaDOS... bring it!

    Being a sony boy, I was looking forward to something surprising from them. Something that I could look forward to and get excited about. The only thing that I am remotely interested in was Little Big Planet 2, but I knew that was happening so it wasn't a surprise. The only surprise was one generated by Microsoft, the new 360... I just don't understand how something like that can be kept under wraps and every thing from sony and apple gets spoilt. Whoever looked after protecting that from the public eye deserves a bonus.

    But all in all, pretty "meh", too much emphasis on motion control and 3D. Both things I don't think are 'the future' of gaming. Yes, the motion control is going to generate more console sales for the casual market. But in terms of stuff for the gaming population. E3 was a bit of a let down.

    So when are you heading back to Oz David?

      +1 re keeping things under wraps. Particularly amazing given that they've been producing it ready to ship to retaillers by the end of the month.

    Microsoft and the Kinect was an epic fail (for us hardcore gamers at least), it will probably sell by the truckload to casual gamers though. A redesigned 360 with a few improvements is cool, but it's not big news.

    Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - As I've said before, this is the first NFS I've been excited about for a long time. I just hope that Criterion isn't going to stop making Burnout games.

    Portal 2 - What can I say, it looks like they're doing a great job on it so far. Can't wait for it.

    3DS - For me this was the highlight of the show, the range of games being developed for it are great, I'm a little concerned about having to have the screen in a certain position or the screen goes blurry, but they could fix that before it's released though. I'm so excited for this, and I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on one.

    This week has been my exam week. Besides watching parts of the Microsoft conference, I haven’t kept my eye on anything. The 3DS looks cool, and the new 360 should be good (let’s hope this one doesn’t red ring every 3 months)

    Anyway I’ve got 4 days till my next exam so maybe I’ll check out a few trailers today. Did they end up showing anything on Dungeon Siege 3?

    I'm most excited by Child of Eden, Need for Speed, and Dance Central (and possibly impressed with Your Shape, depends on if it's as comprehensive as they promise).

    It's kind of disappointing that we hear so much beforehand that there are few surprises. eg Dead Space 2. Kind of want more mystery... most of the big titles we already knew about...

    i htink this e3 has been the best for a long long time.

    simple as that

    I was kinda holding out for Tales of Vesperia on PS#. Unlikely, I know, but with Troy Baker's recent comment about having recorded the new dialogue I was sure there would be something...

    Excited about some of the releases for the second half of the year, yeah, but not too much. More excited by Nintendo's announcements.

    I'm an XBOX fan, and I was disapointed by their E3 this year. Ignoring Kinect, which I like but was embarrassed by the spectacle thing they ran for it, I just felt like nothing was revealed.

    I wanted to see them say, this is Gears / Fable / Halo... which you know about. This is the new Kinect enabled RTS / New exclusive FPS and 3PS / new exclusive RPG that you don't know about. Everyone knew that gears,halo and fable were coming... but E3 should have been about future planning.

    MS seem to do this thing where they sieze a market and then expand, but they never keep track of what they've already got. Sony really seemed to close in on MS. Sony's press conference was punchy, it reminded me of the Apple campaings from a few years ago... which Microsoft took a beating from as well.

    I'd have liked it if MS was a little bit cheeky and had made some simple statements like "3D is a great idea, if your business is selling televisions".

    Natal can do head tracking, so it's only a patch away from being able to do 3d... and it wouldn't have been a big thing to say "All shooters on xbox are going to incorporate Kinect for head tracking 3D, whilst still being played with a controller". I think the hardcore would love an idea like that.

    I believe MS needs to ramp up aquisition of studios... and then start making exclusives, worthwhile exclusives. Let's not forget that MS are cashed up like crazy. Having a hard time cracking Japan, buy Square-Enix and make Final Fantasy an Xbox exclusive. Kinect seems perfect for a good console RTS, and Endwar did voice control well... so why wasn't there one shown, or even hinted at?

    Sony seemed to be all over the Exclusives this year... and whilst MS had timed exclusives on DLC, it doesn't really matter because there's no cross console gameplay.

    I'd like to see MS run two VP's similar to Kevin Butler, an Executive VP Hardcore services and a VP in charge of Non-Gamer Gaming. Photogenic people in their 20's and 30's who can act as foils for the products. People who can talk a little smack and still be marketable.
    I'd like MS to be able to have a little fun with themselves, and try and build more brand loyalty.

    The positives:

    - GT5: still looking stunning and now with a release date
    - 3DS: more interesting than I would have expected
    -Nintendo remembering who made them rich in the first place and actually showing some real games for those people to go along with their casual output. Wisely left the Vitality Sensor at home.
    - Journey: Jenova Chen / thatgamecompany - 'nuff said
    - Gabe Newell's appearance at the Sony conference: the look on his face was that of a man eating a bowlful of sh*t while trying to convince himself it was chocolate icecream. Classic.

    The negatives:

    - Kinect: an utter failure on all levels, and possibly the greatest disappointment of this generation (maybe in a tie with the PS3's launch price).
    - Microsoft: By pinning so much on Kinect, they didn't have a whole lot left when that fell flat. Gears 3 and Halo Reach both look as good as you'd expect (even if they're more of the same, at least they're coming from a relatively high base). In a word - disastrous.
    - The Last Guardian: Or rather, the lack of it. Come on, Sony, this was the one thing I wanted to see more than anything else at E3! Even if it wasn't playable, maybe just a new trailer... a screenshot... a MENTION OF ITS NAME?


    -Hearing about LBP2, it really does look awesome.
    -3DS is intriguing, I may get one.
    -Portal 2 on PS3! Yay!
    -Kevin Butler's appearance.
    -inFamous 2 is looking good
    -Rising looks like it'll be another stellar entry into the series, I just do hope that they don't do any timed/console exclusive deals with MS or even Sony for that matter. I'm only saying this because of Rising appearance at the MS conference
    -Move. I thought Move wouldn't be terribly exciting, but I'm surprised. Their line up seems quite decent. Somethings bug me (like the nav controller not having a bulb, meaning that the archery game needs 2 move wands, and can't just be a wand and navcontroller.) But I'm also disappointed with the pricing. For 2 people to play, 2 wands - $140, plus one nav controller for myself, $50, plus however much the PSEye costs. That's in excess of $200. =\
    -Twisted Metal!


    -No Last Guardian
    -No SOTC/ICO collection (Hopefully these things will be covered in the TGS)
    -Lack of Ghost of Sparta info. A trailer, and that's it. No release, no demo?
    -Kinect. Quite disappointed the way they're only going after the 'Wii' market, and they way they've gone about it. Natal still has great potential, but based off what they've shown, I don't think it will realise such a thing.
    -Lack of new IPs. So many sequels. Not that it's a bad thing, but I'd also like some new stuffs. But yes, I've read plenty of places how new IP's is a greater risk and blah blah blah.

    And yes. Oh, another good thing was Sony letting people visit their booths via Home. Not that I tried, but I think it's a great idea.

    I think Nintendo DEFINITELY won E3 this year.

    My favourite game would have to be Donkey Kong Country Returns, I am so pumped for that game, I loved the original, and my least favourite of the show is probably Microsoft as a whole. I can't even remember if they announce any new non-Kinect games.

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