There's More To The Sonic 2 Keylogger Story Than Meets The Eye

In case you missed the updates, there have been some interesting developments in the Sonic 2 HD keylogger story. Namely, that the original source allegation has since been withdrawn, and that it's come to light that one developer involved may well be holding the entire project hostage. [Kotaku]


    Source? Link? Expanded information?

      Pssh you don't need those things, just shut up and feed them page views :D

      The first bloody sentence is the link... ffs.

    I too am interested to know what this is talking about.

    Here's the thing, even though it was a false positive, the fact remains that it obviously wasn't tested to make sure that it wouldn't set off computer security programs . Unless a person has the ability and know-how to see that it was the fact that the game was accepting inputs even when out of focus, and THEN check and confirm that it wasn't sending data anywhere.

    I will again point out, DRMing an entirely reverse engineered game (as in, levels the same, art is redrawn, and the game engine is derived from the original) is a terribly stupid idea, as putting DRM on a game, especially DRM to stop people from accessing the code, is essentially claiming the IP rights to something you do not own, which is almost asking to get a C&D from the company that actually does own the rights.

    This page needs to be a redirect to a 404 error.

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