Watch Prometheus’ Launch Trailer

Watch Prometheus’ Launch Trailer

A small part of me knows it’s wrong to get excited about the trailer to a movie. After watching this, though, it is a very small part.


  • For a fleeting moment, when the title slowly came in at the end, I thought it vaguely said Alien haha

  • Damnit.
    I said they need to cool it with the marketing on this one.
    That first awesome teaser already had us by the throats.
    These later trailers are hurting the mystique.

    I’m ignoring this, and everything, until the film comes out now.

    But yes; this film still looks amazing.
    (I just don’t want it spoiled)

    • I agree, you can tell a lot of what is going to happen in the movie in this trailer, where in the previous one it only asked questions.

      • I have avoided a LOT of coverage of this movie just to avoid this, though I did watch this trailer. It looks amazing! But I need someone to go with me, rofl, I still have emotional scarring from Aliens.

        In my defence, I was like 8, my dad dropped me in a dark room with extremely high end sound system and headphones, and did I mention being 8, alone, and in the dark? AGH! I didn’t sleep that night, I tell you!

        (Still one of my favourite movies ever, but strictly with the lights on! I didn’t actually see Alien for about 15 years after. AIE.)

  • Last year i think we can say that it was the year of Video Games with just a Plethora of Brilliant Triple A and Indie games being released but not to be out done by its younger brother the Movie Industry has begun its rebuttal with 2012 being the year of the Movies

  • Luke, take that ‘small part’ of yours down the park and drown it in the frickin pond.

    If you’re *not* excited by this we can’t be friends. Period.

  • In the original screen play for the movie Alien, Ripley finds some of the other crew members cocooned up and apparently turning into new alien eggs. That scene never made it into the final movie though (although there are stills) and the sequel went along a different path with a queen alien laying the eggs. With the reference to people getting “changed” in this promo, can’t help but think maybe Ridley is reintroducing his original idea.

    Also the first movie also said that the “space jockey” race were benevolent because they tried to transmit a warning to passing travellers to stay away from the planet. Don’t know if that’s changing… look forward to finding out!

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