Watch The First Footage Of Halo 4, All 9 Seconds Of It [UPDATE]

We won't make you watch all nine minutes of today's not-that-funny Conan O'Brien skit about Halo 4. We're cutting to the chase. Specifically: a little bit of multiplayer with much better lighting than we've usually seen in the Halo games.

In the sketch, Conan and sidekick Andy Richter goof around in a voice booth, recording back dialogue and screams for the game. We're not sure if any of that will make it into the final game. Hopefully...

Halo 4 will be out for Xbox 360 on November 6, Election Day in the U.S.

UPDATE: It looks as though we can't watch the above video, but Game Informer also has footage from Halo that we can check out.


    Well, would be good if the uploader of video allowed playback in Australia.....

    You can watch it through this

    People are already complaining about it.

      Funnily enough, my work has all proxy websites blocked, however, I can logon twitter/facebook/youtube/kotaku etc etc...... Shall enjoy it at home when I can tinker more.

    Crosshairs are still placed retardedly low on screen. Never understood why Halo 2 introduced this stupidity. You're constantly running around looking at the sky to avoid shooting people in the foot (slight exaggeration)

    There was Halo 4 footage previously, even multiplayer gameplay footage, in the 'Making of' featurette from over a month ago.

    looks...exactly the same.

      I actually thought it was just Halo reach footage though I dont really play Halo so would not notice the subtle differences.

      Now now, it's in 720p native , you can party like it's 2006.

    is it just me or is the spartan armor slow but surely starting to look like a nano suit from Crysis??

    Weapon perks? NO!!!!!

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