Capcom Says It's 'Re-Evaluating' On-Disc DLC Policies

Capcom has taken heavy fire from gamers upset with the publisher's tendency to ship some of its games with on-disc downloadable content. Physical copies of games like Dragon's Dogma and Street Fighter X Tekken ship with content that you can only access if you dish out extra for the privilege.

Capcom Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson addressed the controversy in a blog post last night, saying the company plans to revisit its DLC strategy soon:

We've been getting several questions, here and elsewhere about the future of on-disc DLC.

We would like to assure you that we have been listening to your comments and as such have begun the process of re-evaluating how such additional game content is delivered in the future. As this process has only just commenced in the past month or so, there will be some titles, where development began some time ago and that are scheduled for release in the coming months, for which we are unable to make changes to the way some of their post release content is delivered.

In other words, upcoming titles like Dragon's Dogma, out May 22, can't be changed. It's too late to remove that game's on-disc DLC. But Capcom might approach its projects differently in the future. Or so they say.

Question about on-disc DLC [Capcom Unity via Siliconera]


    They could make the on-disc DLC free...

      Why stop there, why not make the entire game free

        They could always go the other way. The DLC's on the disc you bought, so why not just charge you extra then and there because you're going to unlock it anyway? Oh, and since you bought the game you'll probably want more DLC after that so let's add that into the cost.

        markd nice troll logic.

        You bought the disc, the content is on the disc right? Therefor the content is ready to be used. So why not just let everyone bloody well use it. If its ready post launch, then I understand but pre-launch? Thats the equivelant of revenue raising.

    What's the point? Whether they include it on the disk or not it seems clear that the content will be made alongside the game with the intentions of reaping profit later down the line. The only change is they've removed the 'convenience' of placing it on the physical copy; the production of the content will stay the same.



        They really just don't get what people are having a problem with.

        It would be funny, if it weren't so sad.

    easily fixed, give us the code to unlock the content for free, or make the initial dlc free as goodwill. Aus psn prices are also still a ripoff! so it's just more incentive to wait for a complete version or not buy it at all.
    Dragons dogma looks good ,shame they don't imitate Bethesda's dlc policies, I bought that in the 1st month.

    Well then that just sways me into not buying dragons dogma. Simple!

    What really gets me is how they call it "on disc DLC". How is that dlc? The key word is downloadable. You don't download when it's on the disc.

      Hey, you should totally buy Dragons Dogma.

        When it's cheap. It looks interesting, but far from day 1 interesting

      IMO when it's applied to on-disc content, it stands for Disc-Locked Content instead.

      I believe the DLC for Dragon's Dogma they're referring to is the bonus crap you get for preordering? They've announced work on a big series of quests for DLC but it won't be coming out any time soon, so I doubt that'll be on the disc. (Well, I certainly hope it won't, anyway!)

    Well now it means they can use the excuse that they were developing the extra content after the game was already finished, and not have such a glaring logical failure in this excuse.

    Maybe they'll just call it 'entry levels' instead.
    Buy the same disc but at $20, $40 or $60, for Basic, Regular and Premium.

    Or, as we used to call it, Demo, The Game and +Expansions.

      I don't recall buying demo's for 20 bucks a pop >.>

    Hooray! Now we get to wait for things to download instead of merely unlocking it!

    I simply don't understand the problem? You purchase the right to content, you don't automatically own rights to play or use content just because its stored on a disc you own. (much like you ou have a movie on your bluray disc that you own the rights to view privately but you don't own the right to broadcast it publicly.)

    You were happy to pay money for the game. Why are you concerned about paying more money to have more of the game? I think the problem is that developers aren't realising how simplistic people's views are about game development and are saying 'well it should be included in the game if its available' because they consider the game being 'done' to be the same point in time as the game being available for them to purchase.

      That may be how licensing works but it's not how consumers work.

      Heck even I prefer to "beleive" that the content I have on disc is owned by me, just so that I can benefit from the assurance. It may be false but it allows me to know where my values of possessions lie. I didn't rent the game, I bought it. I didn't ask the publishers to politely give me access, I traded money for goods.

        Yes that's true, the company I work for creates DLC for iOS/Droid apps and we deliberately host the DLC content on a server instead of having it bundled with the app just so consumers feel better that it 'downloads' and wasn't 'already there and just unlocked'. Even though its an overhead to manage and costs us money to host it!

      Well, it is capcom, so while any kind of unlocks are brutally undesirable, they leave a bad taste, etc. Being capcom, they could implement a $60 retail game, and then charge $1 per player life.

      There's so much wrong with Arcade + DLC, that there's no depth to evil or shame they could stoop to.

    They killed SFxT with on disc DLC. I know several people who haven't bought it as a result, and now the community is almost dead.

    its a catch 22 tho isn't it. it's naive in this day and age to to think that companies wont have dlc prepared on day one, so why not put it on the disc? otherwise all is going to happen, is the same content is going to be held back, and we'll just have to download it anyway

      I'd prefer that there was no antagonism between developers and consumers by having clear finished, non-separated product on original release and then create more clearly finished non-separated products to supplement: Expansion Packs.

    Chances are it wont be on-disc. Instead it'll just be completely be online.

      It will be completely online and it'll be released two months later so it doesn't raise suspicions. So not only do you have to pay to play the 'extra' content but you have to wait until the after the peak time to sell your copy of the game has passed.

      I'm not saying Capcom are right here I'm just saying that in a perfect world you'd buy a $70 game that was worth $70, then all the DLC would be fairly priced and avaliable for purchase on day one.

    Is it possible to make a multiplayer dlc?? Just a question -_-

    I'd rather they charge $50-$60 aud for the game and the same or $1-$2 aud more for the psn dlc. That way I'd buy dragons dogma early and convince my mates to get now it too. Rather than waiting next year for the complete version at a discount price.
    Which is sort of what happened with red dead redemption when its price dropped. The FREE coop dlc made me buy the game and the expansion and resulted in 5 extra sale copies that i know of, and makes us now consider more of Rockstars games of similar type.

    Think I'll wait for Super Dragons Dogma Turbo...

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