Diablo III Can Be Played Outside, On A Laptop, On A Freakin' Mountain

For all the concern over Diablo III's requirement to always be online - and it's a very legitimate concern, given many people's twitchy connections - let's not forget the trivial flip side to that situation: the gamers trying to push the limits of just how connected they can be while playing.

Reddit user puttputt has posted some images of he and a friend playing the game on top of Canada's Mt. Yamnuska (7,349 ft high!), using their laptops tethered to a 3G connection picked up on their mobile phones.

It was hardly an ideal situation, with ping in the 200-300 region resulting in fairly laggy conditions, but they say it was playable.

Playable and beautiful. That's one hell of a view.

Mom told us to go play outside, so we did. Playing Diablo 3 on top of Mt. Yamnuska [Reddit]


    This is reddit.

      fuck reddit

        It's a point-and-click adventure game. Not hard to play anywhere..

    Achievement Unlocked: In The Mountains


    It was hardly an ideal situation, with ping in the 200-300 region resulting in fairly laggy conditions

    That's lower latency than I average playing it from suburban Melbourne :(

      Sadly this has also been my experience.

      Ahh how tough it is to be a Canadian.... :/

      +1 in sydney

        I get very similar speeds, however I'd actually expect much worse, living in the VERY remote N.T.
        One man's trash...

          Im from Alice Springs, although its not very remote I get about 300-400 latency, best maybe about 250 ish..

      i was gonna say the same thing. My best (green) ping was like 300. the last couple nights it was stable in orange at like 500+. worst i had for about 10 minutes was 1200.

    Wait what 200-300 ping is laggy? Thats the only ping we have here and its getting worst to 400-1000 ping. Now that is called lag

      seconded - lowest ping 370. Usualy 400-650, regional south-west WA.

    Poor darlings suffering from horrendous lag. Maybe I should go play on top of a f%&*king mountain - it would be better than the lag I get at home!

    My ping is around 230 as a standard, and it's only me using my ADSL, and no other network-usage, so as-ideal-as-possible.

    This just illustrates the need for an Australian server

    I play it using mobile broadband and am surprised to find that my ping is the same as those who play it on adsl 2...i find 250 ping playable and i dont really notice any lag however the last few days its been 450 which is definitely noticable :(

    Haha 200-300 made me laugh.
    I would be amazed if I got near 300 at the moment.

    So there you have it folks... Australia; worse for gaming than on top of a Canadian mountain!

    Look.. let's get this out of the way.

    The concern over "always online" is not about whether the USER is always online. Maybe 5 to 10 years ago that was a concern for some of us but not anymore. Always Online concerns are all to do with the SERVER being always online, reachable, available, uncongested and so on.

    The problem is that the servers AREN'T always reachable, accessible, uncongested etc,, and 5 to 10 (or 20) years from now when I want to play the game, will I be able to play the game when the servers are shut down?

    As for the latency thing.. psshhh.. moronic, ego-centric American article.. what do you expect?

    the lag is horrendous.

    I pray for 200-300 ping , oh and LAN support.

    Yep, same here. 4-500 ping day or night. More than a few times I've respawned, and can't interact with anything in the map for almost a minute.

    You get over it, but it's not great.

    WOW 200-300 ping these guys must have the best connections.

    What the hell are you on? Not ideal? 200-300 is a good connection for me in my house.

    Just think of it, if there were no online DRM these guys wouldn't have to suffer such horrible ping.

    I was playing D3 the other night from a mine site camp in the Pilbara, WA.
    My average ping was 350 (via Telstra 3G) but would spike to 2000 at times.. :(

    Good to see guys from Canada playing on top of a mountain using wireless cards can play Diablo 3 with a faster connection than someone in Australia with a Broadband connection in a capital city.

    Thanks Blizzard, good to see where your priorities lie.

    Shame. only 200-300. What a pity guys.
    Im in mozambique, and i am lucky to get 500-600, no matter what mountain i climb, generally around 1000 exept late at night. sometimes even 3000.
    Plus its a general hazard to frollok about in these mountains, i cant play diablo and keep a lookout for lions, leopards and general man eaters at the same time. so i am forced with to sit inside and endure.
    so consider yourselves lucky guys.

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