Diablo III Gets Its First Expansion Pack

Reaper of Souls is the first expansion for Diablo III. Blizzard revealed a whole new act, a new hero called The Crusader and the act boss: Malthael.

What has been revealed so far, behind closed doors:

  • The expansion is called Reaper of Souls.
  • The new, playable, mid-range melee class is The Crusader.
  • The level cap is increased to 70.
  • The final boss will be Malthael, the angel of death.
  • Endgame, itemisation and the paragon system will be updated.

Blizzard also released the expansion’s CG animated opening and a gameplay teaser. You can check them out above and below, respectively.

via [Eurogamer]


    • Oh shit I was just thinking that before I scrolled down. Man I was wrapped in that, I would pay for a full length feature by Blizzard any day f the week!

  • Man their CGi is always the best. Saying that, might be time to get the dust of Diablo 3 and see how it’s going in terms of all them updates it’s had. Hopefully some improvements in order to convince me to get this new expansion.

  • I… just don’t care. It’s too late.
    Playing D3 on launch day & then for the next few weeks (before they ‘fixed’ it) absolutely ruined any desire I had to spend time with this game.

    Torchlight 2, on the other hand… I still love.

    • See, I disagree with this so much =\

      D3 was lacklustre at first, yes. But Blizzard’s ongoing patching and content updates served to make it the game that I was expecting when I started playing it.
      I still find myself logging in with friends once or twice a week to do a few farming runs or to go for achievements.

      Torchlight 2 lost it’s shine for me SO quickly. Especially when its so easy to build a character to the point of being stupidly overpowered that you can almost one shot everything throughout the Level 105 dungeons.

  • Grunt. Call me when the PC version is playable offline, can be modded, has itemisation fixed so that in a normal playthrough I can’t go 20 levels without ever picking up an upgrade, forcing me to the AH when I hit a gearwall.

    • I don’t care about offline play or modding, and I never ran into itemisation problems on the four playthroughs I did, but this excerpt from a thread on battle.net may address your loot concerns:

      Loot 2.0:
      ‘Smart Drops’ System:
      – Items drop less frequently.
      – When they do, they have a real purpose instead of being screen-clutter.
      – Rare (yellow) and Legendary (orange) items can roll as a ‘Smart Drop’.
      – Smart Drop rolls mean that their stats are adjusted for the class your are currently playing.
      Creafting Reagents:
      – Common (white) items will now be used as a crafting reagent.
      Transmogrify Appearances:
      – Magical (blue) items will now be used for transmogrification looks.
      – More meaningful legendary drops.
      – Legendaries will be build-changers.
      – Legendaries will drop across all difficulty-levels, with appropriate ilvls.
      – Many looted items will be exclusively BoA.
      Video interview on Loot 2.0 from Gamescom:

      • Yeah, itemisation was the big bugbear for me. Half the fun of Diablo I & II and all the clones thereafter is checking out the gear you’ve picked up to see if it’s any good, that little flutter of excitement at an upgrade.

        I never got that in D3. Ever.
        Even when I picked up legendaries, they were ho-hum boring as hell, and sold worse on the AH than blues did because they were beyond useless. And yeah, on TWO separate playthroughs (and to be honest, it’s a miracle of stubborn, bloody-minded perseverance that I even suffered through TWO tedious-ass playthroughs), I would routinely go a dozen levels without seeing a single upgrade, and I might have gone even longer between dropped upgrades, but I would never know, because by that point I’d hit a gear-wall (usually a boss) that couldn’t be beaten with my shitty 10/20-levels-too-low gear, and I’d go buy another set from the AH for pennies, which then couldn’t be beaten by anything I ever found. Ever.

        Utterly killed all enjoyment of Diablo 3 for me. It became carob to D1-2’s chocolate.

        Those patch-notes sound like a game-changer.

        • Despite the wording, they’re not actually patch notes. They’re key points taken from the Gamescom video interview. So subject to change, but still promising.

  • Interesting, if you read the Book of Cain, it mentioned Malthael as the Archangel of Wisdom, and in the final paragraph you have this:

    “I have read troubling accounts that Malthael disappeared after the Worldstone’s destruction. As I write this, I cannot help but be reminded of the prophecy that “Wisdom shall be lost”. I find it hard not to view Malthael’s sudden departure as yet another sign of the End of Days”

    Smart Buggers! Should have seen this coming!

  • So, this time, a single new character is added? Which is basically a Paladin. I’m guessing this means they’ll be adding multiply expansions then as we don’t have a Druid yet.

    I don’t know.. Played the last game with the Mrs which is its only appeal. Its one of the few games the wife plays with me for some reasons he couldn’t get into Torch Light 2

    • We sorta already do have the Druid in the form of the Witch Doctor (summon minions, offensive spells). I do prefer the visual style of the druid though.

      I tried playing Torchlight 1 and it didn’t really grab me. Visual style wasn’t as grabbing as D2 among other things. I only play it when I have nothing else to do. I hear 2 is better but not sure whether I should put out the money.

  • like d3 – never used the auction house. up to diablo on the first level of difficulty because i have no interest in doing the same game again, just harder. this dlc is welcome and the crusader is looking very interesting 🙂

      • The problem for a lot of people was that they hit a gear wall as transientmind said.
        They found they virtually HAD to go to the AH to be able to get the right gear to move on.
        Otherwise it just turned into an utter gear grind.
        This was not the case for 1 and 2.

        • I didn’t find it any more grindy than D2, personally, but I can sympathise with people that did. I mentioned above I never hit the gear wall that transientmind did.

          • Yeah to be honest I’m just repeating what I heard from a lot of my friends. I never hit the wall because I never got that high. Lag problems and rubberbanding meant I finished it once with a couple of characters and then gave up. The problem with lag meant there was no point going higher where dying becomes a larger issue. It was bad enough dying because of lag in the easier stages.
            Even taking that out of the equation though I didn’t feel D3 had the replayability that D2 had. It just didn’t resonate with me.

  • does this mean all my characters get boosted to my highest paragon level? YES/ FUCK YES! and they brought back the paladin! AND THEY KILLED BLACK TYRAEL! am i the only one who took their pants off to watch the trailer?

  • I won’t be buying this.. not unless the Collector’s Editions come with a decent sized peice of Jay Wilson that was carved from his protesting soon-to-be corpse.

    I found out, along with almost everyone else, that Blizzard =/= Blizzard North.

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