Epic Games' History Unfolds In This Graffiti-Covered Stairwell

From 1991's ZZT to Gears of War, the history of Epic Games is sprayed across the walls of one particular staircase in the company's North Carolina offices.

This wonderful series of graffiti from artist Sean Kernick was probably the most delightful aspect of my visit to Epic Games' headquarters last week. I started at the top floor, where the angle made it nearly impossible to get the full Gears of War piece into focus, but Kernick's signature combination of urban graffiti and traditional character art manages to shine through.

Descending the stairs revealed a fresh work around every corner; Shadow Complex, One Must Fall, and even my personal favourite, Jazz Jackrabbit, brought to life in vibrant colour. If my plans for a Jazz tattoo didn't involve the length of my forearm I might have just 'borrowed' Kernick's interpretation.


    OMF 2097 and Jill of the Jungle, sooooo many memories.

      Jazz I'd never forget, but Jill did skip my mind. Man, wouldn't mind a re-release of that on Steam.

    I want an HD ZZT remake.

    jazz jackrabbit, favourite dos game of all time, along with commander keen

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