GameStop Becomes...a Mobile Phone Provider

You buy games at GameStop. You buy games hardware at GameStop. You may sometimes even buy a magazine or action figure. Very soon, though, you'll be able to add something a little unexpected to the list: mobile phone plans

The multinational games powerhouse will soon, in the US at least, turn itself into a telecommunications provider, offering a range of pre-paid and contract-free deals that rely on the user bringing their own phone to table (GameStop won't, at least for now, be offering phone + plan deals).

Prices range from $US5 to $US55 a month depending on your data. Oh, and GameStop's plans will operate on AT&T's network.

I cannot think of a single reason why anyone would want to do this.

GameStop Mobile launches as AT&T virtual carrier, gives us rare bring-your-own GSM in US (update) [Engadget]


    EB has been selling HTC Cha Cha's on some Red Bull pre-paid network, and in all the time I was working there I sold not one phone, or one skerrick of pre-paid credit,
    In fact, I didn't even know how to use the machine the credit was sold on.

      Yeah, that Red Bull Mobile deal was definitely doomed to fail, sure there's some decent deals with the plans etc. But their biggest downfall is the fact that RBM piggyback off of Vodafone's network and we all know how unstable that network is alone even without 3rd party carriers attached.

      Well that answers my questions about when did Gamestop try this in Australia seeing as we are thier labratory for retail experiments before implementing in the US ;)

        Based on what I saw, it's a mystery as to why they're doing it because, so far as I can tell, it was a massive waste of money in Australia.
        Like, burn your money waste of money. Just burn that shit right up.

    It's just another revenue source for Gamestop. Don't forget that selling games alone isn't profitable. And I doubt that this will be costing Gamestop a huge amount to set up.

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